Spiritual Growth - Practical Keys

Your Own Big Picture

This spiritual growth website and its practical techniques, can help you clarify and live from a larger picture of life. This big picture is what individuals have sought throughout the ages, and answers questions like:

  • What is it all about?
  • What am I doing here?
  • Where do I go from here?

Know this for yourself as you open up your communication with your inner guidance or angels. Techniques are available here to connect clearly. 

Go deeper if you already are connecting clearly within and enjoying consistent spiritual growth.

The more you learn and unfold the true person you are, the more inner peace and joy you will feel.

Understanding Life

The areas of life that you enjoy are the ones that you tend to  understand. It could be hobbies like baseball, knitting, bird-watching. It might be some aspect of your work that you are good at and know the "ins and outs".

It is the same in life, starting with you. The more you understand what is happening overall and is really causing what occurs in your life, the more you can relax and enjoy the journey.

As you take time to truly understand these spiritual growth keys (not just intellectually, but have a feeling or experience for), you will have an overall understanding of your own existence and the world around you.

Your life will make more sense and you will feel more satisfaction in what you are doing.

Inner Security and Peace

As your understanding from within comes more into focus you will feel greater inner security and peace. 

Your Inner Guidance or Angels will help you clarify this deeper level of understanding about yourself and the world around you. 

Your decisions will become easier. You will know what you need to be doing and when to do it.  

Your life direction becomes crystal clear. This comes from within you and not from anyone else. You know that everything will be okay and you are not limited by fears or doubts.

Your spiritual growth becomes a natural part of life. You will be learning lessons from your everyday experiences. 

Spiritual Growth Is a Key Part of the Journey

When you are learning and growing you feel alive and a "freshness" about your life. Your enthusiasm shines. This is what life is meant to be! You’re a magnet that attracts what you truly desire, as you organize yourself to achieve your goals.    

One key is to grow spiritually at your own pace and not to push yourself or others as souls. When you connect within, you will naturally move along your path in the timing that is best for you.  

True Freedom - Spiritual Growth

In today’s world more people than ever before are experiencing physical freedom. Individuals are going places and doing what our ancestors only dreamed about a century ago.

What is even more important than this outer freedom, however, is inner or spiritual freedom. People can be financially well off and travel about the globe. But if they do not free themselves from the worldly pressures and influences, they will not be able to stay connected within themselves, and truly enjoy their time here.

They will not have a sense of what they are here to do or be able to accomplish it. What’s the bottom line? It’s staying connected with your true inner being and your spiritual guidance or angels.  

It’s living the life you are meant to live and enjoying the journey (as you learn and grow). That’s what Spiritual Growth Keys.com is about. Stay tuned, we'll have more keys.

Practical Tools to Being Your Spiritual Freedom

Attend a free Webinar and delve into This Big Picture of You and Your Spiritual Growth. Clarify the keys to open up your inner communication and be connected within you and your clear source of answers and inspiration.  

Live Free Classes

Spiritual Growth Topics, i.e. Intuition, Inner Guidance*, Purpose, Healing, Abundance, Life after Life, and More

*whatever you feel you connect with and call it: Inner Guidance, God, Spirit, Guides, Angels, etc. 


Complimentary On-line Class

Communicate with Your
Personal Team of Angels:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 
(see times below) 

Upcoming on-line seminar:

You were born with guides or angels to help you with your life venture. You have all the assistance you need for the life you came to live. 

You can learn to have a clear, conscious communication with your angels. What a difference it makes in your life! Some of you are connecting with your spiritual helpers but may want to go deeper. 


Cut through myths and know how to receive right-on answers to your questions from angels. 

☆ Learn a key way to know you are connecting with the crystal clear assistance of your inner guidance or angels. 

☆ Expand on the four ways the angels communicate with us (clarivoyance, clariaudience, clairsentience and prophecy) and how they can work for you. 

☆  Find out what throws you off from communicating clearly with your angels. 

☆  Practice a quick and useful technique to raise your energy and tune into your spiritual helpers.

☆  Three of the most important keys to experiencing clear angel communication. 

☆  An easy-to-do way to receive a helpful insight from your angels. Use this technique each day to connect with your angels for what’s important. 

This online class is complimentary. You are welcome to join this event by registering below. 


How and When for the online class:

Join the event by clicking the link below for the time you want to attend. This link will take you to “Go To Webinar”, our online conference provider. 

For Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST or 7 PM. Ireland and UK time register by clicking this link: 


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Once you register, you will be e-mailed the access information to attend this webinar on-line or by phone.

Your contact information is secure and is never given or sold to others.

Presenting the Class 

• Patrick Kilhenny and Estelle Small host these webinars. They have been featured in major media (TV, radio, and newspapers) discussing abundance, angels, communicating with them, life after life, and other related topics. Both are consultants and lecturers in the US, Canada, and Europe with the Inner Peace Movement® Programs.    

Sponsoring the Webinars: 

• IPM International Inc™ is a non-profit program that sponsors these webinars and programs. For over 50 years The Inner Peace Movement® has been a premier program helping individuals to unfold clear spiritual communication with their inner guidance or angels and doing what they have come here to do.  

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My name is Estelle and welcome to SpiritualGrowthKeys.com!

It's ironic that this welcome message is coming from someone who spent many years cringing at the word “spiritual”. To me spiritual once seemed “flaky” and impractical.

Today, spirituality is a useful way of living a smooth, peaceful and fulfilling life. I am having fun connecting with others in my daily life and through this website.

Everything in life is spiritual. That's been my experience as I have created more balance and unfolded my clear inner communication, sixth sense, or whatever a person calls it.

I grew up in a small community in Nova Scotia, Canada. From the time I was a little girl, I questioned life. My mother told me in my adulthood that she had never seen a child ask so many questions. I was not sure what it was in those early years, but I felt that there was “something” that I wanted to fulfill in my life.

I now divide my time between Canada, the United States, and wherever I feel I need to be. When I follow my inner senses I am in the right place at the right time (life works much better). It does, however, take patience and persistence.

What has helped me to be clearly directed in my spiritual journey was the talk that I heard that dispelled a number of mysteries about life. It laid out the simple steps to connecting clearly with my inner guidance or angels. 

This talk is now available as a free webinar on this website (see above). The presentation answered many of my questions and helped me see a bigger picture of who I am (a unique soul, energy or spirit) and what I was doing here on planet earth.

I've learned my lessons about being involved with outer dogmas that I do not have a feeling for. This website and the programs and services available here help to clarify and bring out the true inner being of each individual.

I consciously use my two-way communication with my inner guidance every day. Some call it God, Higher Spirit, Angels, Collective Unconscious or Higher Self. Whatever label you choose, you can create a clear communication with this source of inspiration.

Over the last 25 years I have been holding workshops and consulting to help others do the same. I find it is important to pass along what I have learned. It feels great to continue on with my spiritual growth journey by sharing with others.

I am proud to be part of a network of trained and certified individuals in many parts of the world who I have connected with through the non-profit educational program, IPM International® Inc. The Inner Peace Movement® Programs provides the services listed on here. There is more on this in the About Us section of this website.

You are welcome to experience what is available through Spiritual Growth Keys. Through your experience you will know what is true. You are also invited to receive our informative eNewsletters on the Spiritual Growth Keys (see box immediately below) or attend the Next Free Live Webinar (see above for information and for access).

Thank you for letting me share with you. 

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* Know for yourself who is on the other end of the line, i.e. God, Angels, Spirit Guides, etc