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We present to you vital Spiritual Growth Keys—ways to live life more richly, deeply and with ease and inner peace. 

The Spiritual Growth Keys here, accompanied by practical techniques, can help you clarify and live from a broad picture of life, answering age-old questions such as:

• What is my life all about?

• What am I doing here?

• Where do I go from here?

The more you learn and unfold the true person you are, the more inner peace and joy you will feel.

Understanding Life

The areas of life you enjoy are those you understand, such as hobbies like baseball, knitting or bird-watching. Or, it could be your work where you know the "ins and outs”. The more you understand yourself as a soul, or energy, the more you can relax and enjoy your journey. 

You can come to understand vital spiritual growth keys, not just intellectually, but with a depth of feeling. Life then makes more sense and you will experiencer greater satisfaction. 

These spiritual growth web pages include keys to: 

  • having a close, clear connection with your inner guidance, or angels, guides or spiritual helpers—you make the word choice 
  • sharpening your sixth sense and making it a practical way of life 
  • clarity of your unique life purpose. (You have a special purpose in this world.) 
  • achieving balance between your spiritual and physical worlds 
  • unlocking ways to have greater abundance, fulfillment and joy. 

When you are learning and growing you feel alive and a sense of freshness. Your enthusiasm shines. This is what life is meant to be! You’re a magnet that attracts what you desire, as you organize yourself to achieve your goals.

An important key is to grow at your own pace, not pushing yourself or others.

Spiritual Growth: Your Real Estate in the Universe 

You are an evolving soul learning and growing on your journey. This is especially true when you take time to connect with your inner senses, your hunches and feelings, and guides or angels. 

Life: The fun way or a difficult path 

Your life journey can be easier and enjoyable or it can in the School of Hard Knocks. When we were born we come to earth with guides or angels to help us. Many people are unaware of how much help they can, and do receive, in their lives. 

The more we use this inner connection and learn from our experiences the more we can expand our state of consciousness.

Your Spiritual Growth: It’s What you take with You

There is no point in getting too caught in the physical world. We are passing through this school on our journey and it’s our soul being or state of mind that goes with us, not worldly possessions.

We are here to be master of ourselves. The greater the mastery, the greater our spiritual and physical freedom. 

Using Spiritual Growth Keys

Reading about spiritual growth is one thing, but the real purpose of this website is to provide understanding and techniques so people who want to can use these keys, and not just read about some nice ideas. 

The workshops and services offered here go beyond reading, and you can experience these truths for yourself. Life then feels a whole lot better.

Practical Tools to Being Your Spiritual Freedom

Attend a free webinar, public lecture or course and delve into this big picture of you and your spiritual growth. Clarify the keys to open up your inner communication and be connected within you and your clear source of answers and inspiration.

Programs offered include connecting with your good, kind, loving and wise inner being as well as communicating with your inner guidance or angels* and living your purpose. 

We look forward to sharing this journey with you. 

*whatever you feel you connect with and call it: Inner Guidance, God, Spirit, Guides, Angels, etc. 

Live In-Depth Practical Classes 
On-line or In-Person (certain locations)

The next in-person program with Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny will be held in the Toronto area. Learn more about this program and see other locations where classes are being held by clicking here. 

Complimentary Webinar

Communicate With Angels 
Live Your Purpose 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 
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My name is Estelle and welcome to SpiritualGrowthKeys.com!

It's ironic that I am part of a “spiritual” web site, as I spent many years cringing at the word “spiritual”. To me spiritual seemed “flaky” and impractical. 

Today, spirituality is a useful way of living a smooth, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Everything in life is spiritual. That's been my experience as I have created more balance and unfolded my clear inner communication and sixth sense.

I grew up in a small community in Nova Scotia, Canada. From the time I was a little girl, I questioned life. In my adulthood, my mother told me she had never seen a child ask so many questions. I felt that there was “something” that I wanted to fulfill in my life.

I now divide my time between Canada, the United States, and wherever I feel I need to be. When I follow my inner senses I am in the right place at the right time (life works much better). It does, however, take patience and persistence.

What has helped me to be clearly directed in my spiritual journey was a talk that I heard many years ago that dispelled some mysteries about life. This talk laid out simple steps to connecting clearly with my inner guidance or angels. 

This talk is now available as a free webinar on this website. I consciously use my two-way communication with my inner guidance daily. Some call this inner guidance God, Higher Spirit, Angels, Collective Unconscious or Higher Self. Whatever label you choose, you can create a clear communication with this source of inspiration.

Over the last 25 years I have been leading workshops and consulting. I am proud to be part of a large network of trained and certified individuals from Wayshower’s College and the non-profit educational program, IPM International® Inc. Information about them is available in the About Us section.

You are welcome to experience what is available through Spiritual Growth Keys. Through your experience you will know what is true. You are also invited to receive our informative eNewsletters on the Spiritual Growth Keys (see box immediately below) or attend the Next Free Live Online Class or in-person programs - now in Toronto.  

Thank you for letting me share with you. 

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Over 20,000 Radio, TV, Newspaper interviews including:

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“...this is a natural part of our talents, resources and gifts that we can unfold and use…”

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“If the phone rings and you somehow know who it will be don’t reject the idea as nonsense”
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“We’re all very sensitive. We pick up the vibrations and sensations from each other.”
Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA)

* Know for yourself who is on the other end of the line, i.e. God, Angels, Spirit Guides, etc