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The story behind Spiritual Growth Keys began in 1964. As you visit this site, you'll see a number of the keys, techniques, tools, services and wisdom from this website and the individuals who stand behind this.  

These programs are provided by a widespread network of skilled intuitive consultants and spiritual educators who maintain the highest standards for this work.

These educators are located in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. The certification and sponsorship is provided by the Americana Leadership College℠ and the Inner Peace Movement® Programs.

Inner Peace Movement® sponsors community and online programs for individuals to learn and develop their clear inner communication (Extrasensory Perception) and to understand and live their life purpose.

A key part of this awareness is unfolding a conscious two-way communication with one’s inner guidance (whatever a person calls this - Guides, God, Angels, Spirit, etc.). As people open up this higher communication they know for themselves who is on the other end of the line.

Unfolding this clear inner connection means a person:

  • tends to be in the right place more of the time.

  • stays more connected within for the best answers.

  • doesn’t react to outer pressures (making challenging situations worse).

  • feels inner peace and security.

  • has a sense of their true purpose.

  • knows what they need to be doing. They have clear direction for where they are heading. 

  • experiences true freedom from an "up and down" roller coaster ride.

The Americana Leadership College℠ provides training for individuals who want to go further into many areas of study and practical application. The College offers individuals numerous ways to experience their spiritual nature as a way of life.

Through ALC programs - Practice Technique Sessions (online or in communities), courses, and personal consultations, individuals can harness their innate genius and live the “top-of-the-world” feeling every day.

You can experience a live internet seminar that delves into a number of these spiritual growth keys including: Having clear inner communication and living your purpose.  

Next Live Webinars or Community Programs:

Inner Guidance, Angels, and Living Your Purpose 

Select either of these two links, depending on your interest in attending a live webinar or a community program in selected locations (see below). 

Inner guidance, angel communication, and living your purpose webinars

Community Programs: The overall big picture on connecting with your inner guidance and living your purpose.

For other locations, see below

spiritual growth news

Since 1964 people who have attended IPM and ALC programs have appeared in over 20,000 radio, TV Shows and in feature newspaper stories. They have often shared on the practicality of these programs and how it has helped them live the life they truly desire.

These programs were founded by Dr Francisco Coll. He was a pioneer in the personal and spiritual development field who helped open up many of these topics to the general public. His goal was to take the mystery out of what was considered for thousands of years to be mysterious and hidden away.

Francisco Coll created these programs to pass on these basic techniques and truths for anyone who desired to use them. It was for each person who wanted to have clear two-way communication with their Inner Guidance.

With this in mind one of Francisco’s guiding beliefs was the old Chinese saying:

"Give a man a fish today and he will come back tomorrow for another one. Teach a man how to fish and he will be free to use his own resources".

He was the ultimate "do-it-yourself" believer in helping people to free themselves from the outer influences and pressure of the world (and connect with their good, kind, loving and wise inner being.)

These IPM® and ALC programs have continued to be passed along by many concerned leaders around the world. In 2000 they formed IPM International Inc. This is a non-profit educational program that supports and promotes public talks and workshops in many locales.

This is now done as live webinars that cover these spiritual growth keys (see above for accessing the next webinar). 

There are also on-line and community practice technique sessions, home study programs, in-depth courses, and a newsletter with tips and articles. To receive this, enter your information below.

These Programs are online as well as held in-person in communities. They have been  in thousands of locations in the US, and other countries since 1964. 

The IPM® Programs have set a high standard for individuals to connect clearly within themselves and to hear angels, see, feel and know their angels. 

Here is a list of some of US locations with certified IPM® and ALC practitioners. They show individuals how to connect clearly with their angels so they can enjoy the lives they truly desire.  

Tucson, Arizona; Berkley, California; Albany, Georgia; Des Moines, Iowa, Osceola, Iowa; Las Vegas, Nevada; North Arlington, New Jersey; New York, New York; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Portland, Oregon; Norfolk, Virginia; Roanoke, Virginia; Two Sisters, Wisconsin

 These programs are also held in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. For details call: 800 336-8008 or 001 202 888 1752   / email: alc@alcworld.com

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