Abundance Within
Experiencing the Cycle 35 - 42
By Patrick Kilhenny

In some regards I had a sense of abundance within for much of  my life. Sometimes, however, I tended to loose it and did not feel my good, kind, wise inner self.  

This cycle of 35 to 42 helped me to understand and connect with who I truly was more consistently and not have the ups and downs of the outer world throw me off. 

By taking time to tune into my true inner being and doing what I felt was best for me, I tended to relate to these cycles in my life. You can see if you relate to these periods in your life, also.   

In the overall sense of these cycles of life, I discovered that by the later part of each seven-year cycle, I was getting ready for the next cycle. Consciously and other times unconsciously, I prepared myself.   

More of a Connection with my True Inner Being

Looking back now, I can see I was in a fortunate position from the earlier years of my life. My parents were good examples of abundance within. They were loving in many ways, doing all they did for me. Sometimes, however, I didn't appreciate it at the time.

But for the most part I did have a sense of abundance within. I felt good much of the time. I tended to be energetic in my teens and liked to explore and get out and try new things. There were also times and situations, however, when I was not feeling my good kind loving self. 

Some people and work situations I became caught up in, and lost my inner connection. Instead of being calm cool and collected I would get angry and react in a way that I wish later I had not. 

Fortunately for me, as I grew through my 20's, I was tuning into what these cycles of life were about, both consciously and unconsciously. I took time out to search in my later 20's. This laid the ground work for me to connect more deeply and consistently with my true inner self by the abundance within cycle. 

It was a mixed bag by the time I reached the age of 35. I sold a business that I had a feeling I had outgrown. It seemed like I was getting ready for a new chapter in my life.  

Until about 35 years of age, I had been busy, first as an engineer, then changed careers and was finding a new area to work in. By my later 30's I started a restaurant business. This kept me very  busy. 

In this cycle of 35 to 42 years, I took time out from the busy world. I took more time for me and began to get a feeling of being a soul with a physical body vs. being a body with a soul. I was getting a bigger picture of who I truly was.

Practice Technique Series

One way that helped me was being part of an on-going practice technique series. These programs continue to be held both online and in various communities. They showed me how to regroup on my life journey, and see a clearer picture of how it was going, and what I truly wanted to be doing.  

These meetings with other people who were sincere and searching too, were about practical spirituality. They gave me a sense of my real inner being and how to bring this out in my daily life. 

The techiques we did helped me to buffer myself from the outer pressure and tune to my inner guidance.  I learned ways to avoid being caught up in the outer challenges and to discern more clearly what I needed to be involved in and areas that were not my business. 

I became more clear on my own direction and purpose that I was here to lead. I was learning the lessons that I needed to be learning.

I became more aware, not just intellectually, but within me, that the real me or my soul being was not just some minor spiritual part of me. 

It is the essence of who I am. These are the years that I realized that I wanted to live my life from this inner place. I wanted to enjoy this more relaxed and inner directed way of life. I no longer wanted to be caught in stress, the worries, or outer influences that can affect me in a not so positive way. 

I Did More of What I Felt Within 

I traveled often, met lots of neat people and some challenging ones. But I was better at dealing with people because I understood myself  on a deeper level.  I was fortunate to be in many interesting places. I had spent the previous two cycles (21 to 35) in Hawaii. By the cycle of 35 to 42, It was time to move back to the mainland; as they called it in Hawaii, or the continental US. 

Time to Move on to New Places and Lessons

Hawaii is a wonderful place and I had great times in the islands. But after spending almost two cycles of my life there. I felt I needed to live in a bigger ball park and experience other places. It was time for more lessons and growth. 

Note: It’s been my experience when going through these cycles that there comes an inner urge to make some changes in life. This can especially happen when transitioning from one cycle of life to the next.   

California Dreaming 

l moved to the West Coast and lived in California for a few years. I spent time at spiritual centers and lived in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. I experienced the different California lifestyle vs. Hawaii or my early years in New York. 

I tried new types of work and met certain people that were good for me to know. I was learning more lessons that were important for me at that point in life. 

Soul with a Body and not a Body with a Soul 

My inner unfoldment became more important to me. I realized that this was what mattered in the long term. It was my state of consciousness and how I truly felt about myself, which reflected in how I felt about others, and what I was doing on this planet. 

I realized that I attracted thoughts, people and many situations based on my state of mind. When I was more positive, caring, abundant, etc, I attracted it.

Of course, the opposite is true also. I know this from attending the school of hard knocks. But I learned a better way, a more enjoyable and fulfilling one.    

I had challenges, too. Each cycle offers a fresh set of lessons. I worked in a number of jobs, mostly sales positions. I experienced different opportunities, learning, growing, and of course, a need to pay the bills. 

But I was doing what I felt I wanted to do inside. I was not doing so much what the outer world expected, such as my family, and earlier childhood conditioning. Certain standards about financial security and having a good career were looked upon more favorably by the society I was raised in.  

I was a rebel for many years. Some of this was probably necessary to find out what was really me and what was not. It may have made it hard on myself and others at times (especially those people I made into authority figures).  

Rebellion often happens in the teenage years (14 to 21 cycle of life). If a person does not, however, learn the lessons in a certain cycle, that cycle can influence them in their later years. 

That is, until they discover what is really going on and decide to stop getting caught up in it. In my case, I was beginning to learn what was really influencing me by my later 30's and early 40's.

I took more of the good pieces that I had learned and let go of other parts that no longer fit. This allowed me to spend more time being spiritually abundant. 

Balancing Out More 

I am a few cycles further along now. I might have done it a lot smarter and put myself under less pressure, but I did what I knew at the time. I now understand more about balancing and using my feeling and intellectual natures together. As the saying goes, follow the heart, but don’t forget to take the brain along.  

Note:  There are live webinars that delve into balance of feeling and connecting consciously with your inner guidance (whatever you feel you connect with). See the SpiritualGrowthKeys.com Home page for the next webinars or you are welcome to subscribne to the Inner Living Enews and be kept informed.  If you are not receiving this already, fill in the sign up box at the top of this page    

This is how I experienced this cycle of 28 to 35. Your path is probably not the same. You may have connected more with Spiritual Abundance in a different way. You may have felt this inner abundance sooner, or maybe you are just getting more of a feeling for it now. 

People are often different in the outer sense although there are many similarities when you delve deeper into the spiritual.  We are all souls with Inner Guidance to help us on our journey. Connecting more cearly within, helps you get the most in each of these seven year periods.  

These cycles of life are not written in stone, but they certainly made sense in my life. 

Do You Relate to This? 

If you have been through this cycle already or are experiencing it now, how did you find this age of 35 to 42?  Here are a few questions that you may want to consider: 

  • Did you experience Spiritual Abundance (if you have been though some or all of the 35 to 42 cycle)?   
  • Did you (or do you now) sense that you are a soul that can tap into your own unlimited inner resources? 
  • During this age, or now, do you feel good about yourself and that you are a soul with a body, and not a body with a soul? 
  • Do you feel attuned within, meaning connected with your inner wisdom, and inner guidance (whatever you call this: God, Spirit Guides, Angels, Cosmic Consciousness, etc?

Not Feeling Abundance Within? Here are questions to help you in this area:

  • Did you feel more restricted at this age of 35 to 42? 
  • Did you think with a limited state of mind? Do you look at yourself too much from the viewpoint of the outer world vs. seeing your true self? 
  • Do you have fears about using your abundance because you are not sure you can create more? 
  • If you find yourself thinking with a more limited state of mind, what would be a solution?

Note: There will be more on abundance and related topics in the Inner Living e-News. See the top of the page to enter your info to receive this informative publication. 

For Readers Under Age 35

If you have not been through this cycle of life yet, you can still tune into your spiritual abundance. You can be spiritually abundant at any age. The sooner you connect with the real you and your inner guidance, the better off you will be. 

By the age of 35 to 42 you will probably see Spiritual Abundance as an important part of your life. If you tap into it earlier, you will do even better when you reach this age of 35 to 42. 

Final Comment

Many of us have experienced a limited state of consciousness at different times of our lives, i.e. disconnected from our good, kind, loving and wise inner being. 

If this is the case for you now, there is no need to judge yourself. It is all part of learning and growing. 

As you take time to connect with the real you and your inner guidance, you will feel your spiritual abundance. With little adjustments here and there, you can clarify and be living as the true abundant being you are.

It starts by opening up your inner connection. That is what the community programs and the Online Programs are for - so your spiritual abundance shines bright. 

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