Astro-Soul services are provided through consultants and mediums certified by the Americana Leadership College™ Inc. These include, lectures, workshops, consultations and trance healing tables.  

Trance Healing Tables:

A Deep Healing through Mediumship 

Sometimes when souls pass on, they may become "earthbound" and lose the big picture of their spiritual freedom. (Remember the movie "Ghost"?) These souls can remain around something familiar to them like a building, a workplace, loved ones, etc. When you experience a sudden change in your energy, such as different thoughts and feelings, you may be experiencing that kind of energy.   

Trance healing can free you from any external pressure, emotions, or confusion that you may be feeling.  

Have you experienced any thoughts or feelings, such as: 

  • Boredom, anger, jealousy, feeling like what’s the use (hopelessness)?
  • Feeling unmotivated, having a blank mind or mentally scattered?
  • Thinking there is not enough time, think you won’t be able to do it?
  • Not having enough time or money, impatience with yourself or others?
  • Feeling that your discipline, timing or organization are being continually interrupted?
  • Having negative thoughts that keep interfering no matter how much you try to stay positive? 
  • You know something is not good for you, but you do it anyway, and then maybe feel guilty?

These are a sample of the energies that can influence an individual. What we “pick up” from the environment we often think are our own thoughts and feelings.  

During trance healing, "earthbound" souls are channeled through a trained healer and released from your environment. Afterward, you will feel light, positive and free. 

The cost for a session (two healings) is $20. People can observe for the first time without charge. 

Next Scheduled Trance Healing Tables on Patrick Kilhenny and Estelle Small Tour:

WHEN: , Thur. Sept 29, 2016 at 7 PM EST

WHERE: 1257 NW 7th St. Boca Raton, Florida 33486 (Note: please let us know you are attending so we can accommodate all. 

FEE: $20 for 2 healings. (When you attend for the first time, you can observe these trance healing sessions without charge.) 

Reserve your place at these Trance Healing Sessions. Send an e-mail or call by Wed., September 28, 2016. Call 917-328-8950 or e-mail:

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