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About the Astro-Soul Program 

The purpose of Astro-Soul is to experience a greater dimension of the laws of the universe without being influenced by dogma or theology. You become clearly aware of "what's me and what's not me” and empowered to maintain your spiritual freedom. 

When you are spiritually free, you live as the good, kind, loving and wise soul that you are. If you are not consistently experiencing clarity and positive feelings, subconscious thought patterns may be limiting you. 

People can "pick up" concepts that are not them especially in their childhood years. You can live more as the Real You when you understand how sensitive you are to outer energy and buffer yourself from pressures and not-so-good influences.

When you are spiritually free, you connect clearly with your inner guidance, the master souls or angels (whatever name you use). You can tap into their assistance, wisdom and love.

When you are spiritually free you have your answers that work well for you. You are not overly dependent on the “up-and-down” outer world and other people. Instead, you live from your inner pivot (your true feelings) for a smoother, more enjoyable and fulfilling journey.    

As you understand your big picture and free yourself from outer pressures and influences, you unfold clear inner communication to know and live your dreams and desires. Your inner senses help you avoid pitfalls and find solutions to challenges.  

Finally, when you free yourself and open your clear inner communication, you learn the lessons that you are on earth to master. Your energy is high and you are an example for others.  

Astro-Soul is a spiritual science. It is the exploration into the unconscious mind and the fifth dimension. This is going beyond  the four physical dimensions of space and time. You clarify what is happening on a deeper level allowing you to understand and take charge of your life.  

Astro-Soul is the exploration into the universe within. It focuses on communication with the higher spirit. It is spiritual, metaphysical and psychic.  

  • Learn to relax instantaneously, uplift your mind/body/spirit and balance your energy to be like a laser-beam that can cut through any negativity and confusion. 
  • Connect clearly with your Spiritual Guidance or Angels. Your life will be better as your live more in your unique niche. 
  • You will be in the right place at the right time and experience greater spiritual and material fulfillment.  
  • Understand the outer influences that can affect how you feel and the decisions you make. 
  • Experience the unfoldment of your spiritual communication gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry and trance. 
  • Share with like-minded individuals just like yourself.  

Online (Worldwide) or In-person Programs (Certain Locations) 

Next Complimentary Webinars

From the Convenience of Your Computer See and Hear In-Depth Topics on Life After Life, Angels, What It's All About, Healing and More 

Webinars Presented By
Estelle Small & Patrick Kilhenny 

Communicate With Angels 
Live Your Purpose

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
(See times below) 

From the convenience of your home or wherever you go online you can attend this inspiring and useful program. 

Topics covered include:

•  You were born with guides or angels to help you with your life venture. You have all the assistance you need for the life you came to live. 

•  Anyone who wants to can unfold two-way communication with their spiritual helpers. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have learned to have a direct connection.  

•  Cut through myths and know how to receive clear and right-on answers from angels for your questions. 

• Know if you are living your unique purpose. 

• Experience the fulfillment and joy of being in your niche.  

• Understand your avocation, such as jobs/hobbies, verses your soul purpose: the reason you are here on planet earth. 

Events are sponsored by IPM International Inc, a non-profit educational organization. Since 1964 the Inner Peace Movement® Programs have been showing people how to communicate clearly with their angels and live their purpose. 

This webinar is complimentary. You are welcome to join this event by registering below. 

How and When for the Webinar:

Join the webinar by clicking the link below for the time you want to attend. This link will take you to “Go To Webinar”, our online conference provider. 

For Wed., Sept. 28, 2016 at 11 AM Pacific, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern Time, 7 PM Ireland and UK time, click here:

For Wed., Sept. 28, 2016 at 4:30 PM PST,6:30 PM Central, 7:30 PM Eastern Time, click here:

Once you register, you will be e-mailed the access information to attend this webinar on-line or by phone. Just click on the link in that e-mail to join at the webinar start time (or better being 5 to 10 minutes early). 

Your contact information is secure and is never given or sold to others.

Patrick Kilhenny and Estelle Small tour internationally with the Astro-Soul and Inner Peace Movement® Programs.They have been featured in major media discussing life after life, healing, inner guidance/angels and other topics. Both are certified consultants and workshops presenters with the Americana Leadership College™. They share practical information and techniques so that anyone who wants can make this useful for themselves.  

Public (In-Person) Programs

Astro-Soul and Trance Healing Tables

Learn about outside influences in the environment that can throw people off their path and how to heal these energies. Stay clearly connected with the good, kind, loving Real You and your Inner Guidance or Angels. 

Click here to find out more about the next Astro Soul Program and Trance Healing Tables

Communicate with Angels, Life Purpose,

Healing and More

Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny are presenting their next Public (in-person) programs in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Click here to find out more.  

You will also find on this page for information on programs held at locations in the US, Canada, UK and elsewhere. 

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