Communicating with Angels
 Private Consultation

Communicating with your spiritual guidance starts with relaxing and tuning into your clear inner being. Learning to spiritually cleanse and buffering youself from outside pressures is key to having a clear connection within.    

As you take time to understand and connect with the Real You, you will be opening up your gifts of inner communication (inner hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing). Everyone has all of these abilities. 

Your angels or guides (whatever you prefer to call them), communicate with you through your soul nature, the Real You. That is why communicating with angels starts with opening your four spiritual gifts. 

Communicating with Inner Guidance or Angels - Your Spiritual Gifts of Communication 

In this one hour session, you learn the order of these four gifts and which is the first gift, and most important for you, the second, third and fourth. There are many characteristics, tendencies, and aspects associated with each of these four communication abilities.  

When you know your particular inner commuinication gift order, your life makes more sense. You use the particular strengths and tendencies of each gift to help you connect better within and with others.

As you unfold these four abilities, you will have a better sense of what is happening, and what's best to be doing. 

Your Energy Level

A key to communicating with angels is your energy level. When your energy is clear and high, your angels will be able to connect with you more easily. If your energy is low and caught in confusion, it can be difficult for you to connect with your angels.  

The private consultation (1001) will help you understand where you are now. You learn to raise your energy level to be more tuned into your inner being and your spiritual guidance..

Your Team of Spirit Guides or Angels

When you came into this world, a team of guides or angels came with you. They assist you in what you have come here for (live your purpose). The angels on your team have mastered the particular lessons that you are here to learn. That is why you have them working with you. 

Individuals who are certified to administer the 1001 Consultation will tell you about your personal team of angels. The consultant will give you keys about how many angels you have on your team. They also show you where the angels come around you and give you a feeling of chills (due to their higher energy).  

As you know more about your own team of spiritual helpers you will be able to work more consciously with them. They become more real.

You will be able to communicate directly with your angels when you have questions and need their assistance. What a difference this makes when you know you can do this! 

Communicating With Spiritual Guidance 

Ask Your Own Questions and Receive Answers

The best part of this 1001 Consultation is that you learn to ask your own questions and receive answers from your inner guidance. When you do this, your life changes. You will feel more inner peace and security.

You will know that communicating with your guides or angels is practical.  When you have questions you can "Ask Your Angels". This is a wonderful feeling. You have more of a sense of freedom and not being overly dependent on the opinions of others.

Arrange to have a private 1001 session either onlne or in person with a certified American Leadership College™ Consultant.  You can do it via a video call, or meet with a consultant in certain locations. See below for more particulars. 

There are also follow up practice technique sessions to make a habit of staying tuned into your clear inner being and angels.  It helps to practice with others. You experience a series of techniques and can make communicating consciously with angels a way of life. 

Know the Way You are Communicating With Your Spiritual Guidance/Angels

Ask Your Questions and

Receive Answers    

Private, One-Hour Consultation (1001)

  • This is a comprehensive profile of your spiritual energy and your inner communication (spiritual gifts) i.e. inner hearing, seeing, knowing, & feeling. Know how you receive insights from your spiritual helpers.     
  • Clarify your relationship with your spiritual helpers.   
  • Knowing your primary means of inner communication will explain much about your life and how to be more effective in communicating within and with others.  
  • You will learn to spiritually tune your energy to receive clear insights.
  • You will find out the number of guides or angels you have on your team and other keys about your personal team of spiritual helpers.   
  • You will ask your own questions and receive answers. It will never be the same once you consciously communicate with angels! Use this whenever you need assistance.   


"The information I received has given me confidence to go forward with my dreams. I was able to connect with my angels." -- - Eleanor Martin, Republic. of Ireland     

"Suspend your disbelief and try it. It works." -  Julia White, Melbourne, Florida  

"I was paying $80 to $100 to receive readings from various psychics. But I was never satisfied. I realize now what I was really searching for was direct communication with my angels! They know my life purpose better than anyone. Now I have the direction I need." - K. Beasley, Richmond, Virginia  

Cost is $95 US.  Arranged by Appointment.

Online or in-person in certain locations (see below)


Contact Estelle Small, Patrick Kilhenny or other certified consultants in certain cities in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Here is a list of US cities: 

Tucson, Arizona; Berkley, California; Albany, Georgia; Des Moines, Iowa, Osceola, Iowa; Las Vegas, Nevada; North Arlington, New Jersey; New York, New York; Albuquerque, New Mexico;  Portland, Oregon; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Two Sisters, Wisconsin

These programs are also held in certain locations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. For details call: 1 888 248 GUIDES (1 888 248-4843) in the US or Canada. US. From outside North America: +1 647 992-8950) or email: 

Your angels have been waiting for a long time to communicate directly with you. Don’t put it off another minute! The joy you feel when you are communicating with angels is magnificent.

*All Consultants are Certified by the Americana Leadership College, Inc. ®

Since 1967, ALC Inc has provided high standards to connect individuals consciously with their angels and live their purpose. 

Additional Private Consultations Available 

Concepts or Blockage Discovery Consultation (1002A) 

This private consultation addresses the most important concept that is throwing you off your path now. 

By working with sensitivity and inner guidance, the consultant determines the thinking that blocks the flow of positive energy.

This limitation can be a thought pattern, a fear or re-occurring self-defeating habit limiting your enjoyment in life and personal and business success. These thought patterns are sometimes unconscious and can be acquired in the earlier years. 

As you clarify and see how the pattern has affected you over the years, you can avoid being influenced or thrown off any more. You can enjoy being who you truly are and doing more of what you are here to accomplish. 

 Time: 1 hr

Cost: $95,

Prerequisite: 1001 Consultation 

Provided by an ALC Certified Consultant 

Private Consultations are nonrefundable. 

Concepts or Blockage Consultation

Chakra Consultation (1003A) 

This private consultation gives you a blueprint of your overall energy with your chakras or energy centers.  

By working with sensitivity and inner guidance, the consultant determines how open each of your chakras is at the present time. The more open a chakra, the more the flow of life energy in that energy center, your physical body and overall life.

After you see the big picture of your energy, the consultant shows you how to open the flow of energy in the energy center that is under the most stress.  

You also learn to work with any of these chakras so that you can open them yourself. 

This is a powerful healing in an area of life that you need healing. This includes your state of mind, physical body and personal relationships. 

Time: 1 hr

Cost: $95 US

Prerequisite: 1002A Consultation 

Provided by an ALC Certified Consultant 

Private Consultations are nonrefundable. 

Flow of Life Energy Thru the Chakras

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Special 1002A, 1003A, Niche or Thrust Consultation 

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