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Cycles of life - Numerous rhythms and routines occur in the universe, from the movements of the planets to the cycles of earth’s seasons, the ocean tides, economic cycles and in our lives. 

We have many cycles,from the cycle of birth, growth, maturity, and the transition back home to spirit, God, or the All—you make your word choice.   

The physical body experiences a multitude of cycles, such as sleep and awake time, breathing, blood flow and more. These cycles of the body extend to the smallest level of cells, including the cells in our hair, skin, muscle, etc.  

Underlying these cycles of the body are spiritual cycles. As we evolve, we experience a new cycle every seven years in our state of consciousness. 

A key to successful spiritual cycles is opening up your inner connection and following what you feel is best. As you sense what you truly desire and do what you can, you will be experiencing and learning what you need in your cycles of life. 

See how you relate to each of these seven-year seasons of life. This review can help you regroup earlier years, clarify what is important now and get set for what is to come. This is especially true as you open your inner communication, spiritual sensitivity or extrasensory perception

The Seven-Year Cycles of Life 
How do they Fit in your life? 

Age      Name of the cycle     Nutshell on this Cycle  

0 - 7 Years: The Basic Personality is Formed - This most important cycle has such an impact on all other cycles. Young children easily absorb what is happening in their environment.

7 - 14 Years Development of the Intellect - During this time a child develops understanding. They learn from the outer world, such as their parents, school and society and from their own experiences and feelings.

Learn more about these first two cycles of life. 

14 - 21 Identity Cycle - This is the age when people seek to gain a better sense of themselves, instead of who they were trained to be, or thought they were. If they unfold a feeling of themselves from within, this cycle can help them bring out their real inner being. They will experience more of their good, kind, wise true nature.

21 - 28 Cycle of Maturity - By this time many people experience a feeling of wanting to leave the nest, make their own decisions and live their lives.

28 - 35 Seeking the Inner Kingdom - During these years a person tends to search for more in life. They have a sense they are here for a reason and want to accomplish their purpose.  

35 - 42 Spiritual Abundance - The soul becomes more sharply attuned to the inner sense, and their good, kind, loving, wise spiritual being.  A person may heal limiting concepts they picked up from the outer world that do not fit with their true inner being.

Learn more about this Spiritual Abundance Cycle 

42 - 49 Material Abundance - This is the cycle of life when a person tends to attract more physical abundance. It is especially the case when they have been aligned with the natural rhythms of their previous cycles, such as being more spiritually abundant. 

49 - 56 Spiritual Inventory - This crucial seven-year cycle is a time when a soul takes stock. People may review what have they accomplished and learned from their experiences to help them raise their state of consciousness. This is a good time to consolidate and gain lasting value from the time and energy invested in their experiences..

Learn more about the Spiritual Inventory Cycle 

56 - 63 Cycle of Decision - People, by this time, have a feeling about doing what they are here to do on planet earth, or not. If they do not become involved in their life purpose, they consciously, or unconsciously, begin the process of leaving the physical world and returning to the world of spirit.

Learn more about the Decision Cycle 

When people decide to do their life's work, they are more energized and tend to have a healthier body to support their inner desires. Their inner guidance or angels back them in many ways.    

63 and Onward: In following through with decisions they make for what they feel is important, people can do their greatest work in these years.

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