Decision Cycle 

This article includes my experiences related to the Decision Cycle which is age 56 to 63.  For information on the overall Cycles of Life through the different ages (click here). 

My Cycle of Decision

By the 56 to 63 Cycle, I decided to do be and do more of what I felt was important. I realized, more than ever before, that I needed to be the soul that I truly was. I also needed to be involved in what I felt I needed to be doing. 

I can see that I am in a position to capitalize on what I have built for myself. I have found it is important to go beyond the judging and over-thinking about mistakes and regrets. Instead, my life is about learning from the experiences and using the wisdom gained.   

I often took time over the years to pass on what I had learned. I knew the best way to learn something was to help others with it. By this Cycle of Decision I decided to do this in a more organized way with people I was here to meet and connect with. 

It was about tuning in to a deeper level within myself and my inner guidance. The more I connected within myself, the more I could connect with others. 

Continuing To Refine My Self as the Soul I Am

In this Decision Cycle, I continued to refine my inner sensitivity and clear, two-way communication with my angels. The seemingly little things like getting key insights or words from my Inner Guidance have helped me work with my Spiritual Helpers every day.  

I often receive words from my Guides like “go for it” and “I can do it” as they encourage me to do more of what feels best. As long as I work with a plan and communicate, my angels help me in the areas that I need backing. When I have clear motives, and do what I can, they assist me in many ways.  

By this decision cycle, people often have much to pass on to others. Especially today, we have technologies like the internet to connect and accomplish more. 

It is inspiring to meet and share in such a convenient way with other like minded souls in my area and around the world. These are the people that I have an affinity with, and feel we can help one another.   

Wrapping up this Cycle

I now have the opportunity to bring together my life experiences that have led me to this point. I see them connecting to create something that’s meaningful and can help others. It’s exciting to see these experiences and the lessons coming together.   

This Cycle of Decision has been about connecting within me and with other people in a way that’s fulfilling and enjoyable. It’s knowing more about my true self, as I regroup my experiences with my angels.

I see how important it is to take time out periodically in all the cycles. I need to regroup and connect with other like minded souls and with my Spiritual Helpers. This means tuning into the clear energy of my Spiritual Guidance, my true inner being and reviewing how my life is progressing. 

I have completed the Decision Cycle and am on to the next cycle: Doing One’s Greatest Work, age 63 and beyond. Additional pages will be posted an this website that delve further into these seven year cycles. 

Patrick and Estelle 

How Do You Relate to these Cycles of Life?

As people review these Seven Year Cycles, they may see each period as an opportunity to clarify and expand their state of consciousness and live more their unique purpose. 

They can clarify their true inner being and bring out more in their relationships, work, community, etc. Otherwise, if a person does not have a sense of who they are or what they are here to do, by this Decision Cycle, they can consciously or unconsciously begin the process of cutting the silver cord and leaving their physical body. 

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