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Living Your Purpose

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What is Developing ESP?

•This is about having Clear Inner Communication. It is referred to in many ways. Some call it wisdom from within. Others refer to it as genius or what a gifted person has. Still other people talk about being psychic or having Extra Sensory Perception.

Whatever you call it, the people who use their inner senses, wisdom or ESP tend to be in the right place at the right time. They have more good days instead of living the “hard life”. They know their own direction. They are more connected with their wisdom within and their inner guidance (what ever you cal it).  

•The Inner Peace Movement® Programs has been taking the mystery out of inner communication or developing ESP since 1964. It has been showing that anyone can tap into their inner senses and Inner Guidance in a practical way.

Extra Sensory Perception is the ability to pick up thoughts, impressions, hunches and energy patterns. This brings awareness of more than the eyes can see, the ears can hear, the nose can smell, fingers can feel or the tongue can taste: " the sixth sense."

Who Possesses Clear Inner Communication or ESP?

Every person. The fact that some have developed this ability to a very high degree has created the impression that only certain people have ESP.

Yet we all fit into the category of the sensitive. Everyday in all circumstances we constantly respond to it. This is the most important of all senses for it is the response to life.

Living Your Purpose.

The more you have unfolded your clear esp, the more you have a sense of your life purpose and how to live it. You will be tuned into your inner guidance, God, collective unconscious, or whatever you feel you are connected to. 

Next Live Online Internet Seminar

Or In-Person Programs

Developing ESP. What a difference it makes!

We are having both the person to person, and the online programs for developing ESP.   

This free, online Developing ESP webinar May 2 offers an opportunity to explore your natural Extrasensory Perception. 

See a bigger picture of you, your inner communication and how to use this to help yourself and others more.

Become more aware of seeing, listening to, feeling or knowing your clear and helpful insights. It just takes some understanding and practice. In the online Webinar, you’ll find out: 

  About your four esp or psychic senses: clairaudience, clairaudience, prophecy, and feeling or healing

  How to notice and use your clear insights so that life flows more smoothly. Know what opportunities will be best, who you need to spend time with, etc. 

  Sometimes we are tuned into and know when we need to make a call that turns out to be important, or travel somewhere that is best.

  By developing ESP, you will be in the right place doing what is best. 

  You are using your ESP already and often don’t realize it. We unconsciously “take in” psychic insights all the time, from knowing that the casserole is done or that our teenagers aren’t giving us the full story...

  How your ESP can work against you or how you can help make it work for you. 

  Find out how you can use your extrasensory perception more often in business, for personal relationships and to fulfill your unique mission in life. 

  You will also be able to tap into the positive energy of the universe, whatever you beliefs may be, God, Collective Unconscious, Spiritual Guidance, etc.

  Be prepared to discover how easy developing ESP can be. There are practical tools to help you everyday. 

 There are online or the in-person programs in certain locations. Find out more about developing ESP in this upcoming Webinar and register here:

Unfold Your Intuition and Live Your Purpose 

Thurs, June 6, 2013 at 2:30PM US EST, 7:30PM Ireland and UK


Thurs, June 6, 2013 at 8 PM US EST, 10 AM, Thurs, Sydney, Australia

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If you have any questions please email or call. or call 917 328-895

Developing ESP and Life Purpose Programs Presented By Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny 

Practice Technique Series now started in South Florida.  

Another online practice technique series starting in June, 2013. Hear about the online and in-person programs at the next live webinars: June 5,  June 6, 2013 (see above for details).

The next in-person programs are being scheduled:

August' 13 - NYC and Long Island

August and September'13 - Ontario, Canada

October, November'13 - Ireland (South), Scotland


Additional In-Person Programs in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, U.K. and elsewhere 

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Suspend your disbelief and try it. It works! Julia White, Melbourne, Florida

“When I went to the first meeting, I really didn't know why I was there. Since going to the meetings, I have gained a clearer picture of my LIfe Purpose. I have a clear direction in my life, before I felt scattered and confused." Tammy Tripp, Parkland, Florida

"The information I received has given me confidence to go forward with my dreams. I was able to connect with my true soul being and inner guidance." Eleanor Martin, Dublin, Ireland

"I was paying $80 to $100 to receive readings from various psychics. But I was never satisfied. Now I have the direction I need." K. Beasley - Richmond, Virginia