ESP Test - How well are you using your extrasensory perception?

I. A sincere evaluation will tell you a lot

This is a quick and simple ESP Test to find out how much you are tuning into your accurate ESP insights and using them in your life. If you are not using your Extrasensory Perception to help yourself and others, chances are, it will be working against you.

Remember the times that you did something unexpectedly and then said, "Why did I do that"? When you are not taking time to be relaxed, clear, and positive, you will tend to pick up the "not so good" thoughts and feelings from your environment and other people.

Under the influence of this stress and pressure, you can do what you wish you had not. That is, until you take time to know what is really going on. Let's see where you are at, with this ESP Test.

There are many ways to find out about your ESP. This exercise will give you the bottom line of how it is truly working for you.

It’s not just receiving clear insights but also using them. It would be good to do this alone and in a quiet room, away from any distractions.

To make this ESP Test worthwhile, be sincere with yourself. Don’t judge yourself either. You can take any new understandings you receive to clarify where you want to go on your journey.

Be as objective as possible when you do this ESP Test. Look at yourself from a detached view point. Remember there are no mistakes, only stepping stones on your journey. As you regroup your experiences, you can learn valuable lessons. This way you do not have to repeat them.

II. ESP Test

  • You will need a paper and pen.
  • Take a look at what you have been experiencing recently.
  • You can take a day like today (especially, if it is later in the day), yesterday, or another recent day. Review how it went. Go over some of the events during the day. How was the day over all? Did you feel good about yourself, or with what you accomplished? Did you gain something from the day, i.e. materially or in an inner sense?
  • At the top of the paper put ESP Test and write: today, yesterday, or whatever day you are reviewing first. Then leave a few lines and list more days to review after that one (for as many days as you decide to look back at.
  • You may have felt good. There may have been major challenges in your day, but you dealt with them in a positive, constructive way. You may feel you gained something from the day. Overall, you felt positive about the day. Consider this an "up day".
  • If the day was just okay, but not so good, then consider it a "so-so day". This may have been a day that you did what you needed to do for the outer world (i.e. your work or other societal obligations), but you were not inspired or feeling connected.
  • It may also be a day that was frustrating, with troubles or challenges. Consider this is a "down day".
  • Go back further and review the previous day. When this is done and you record how it was, continue back for as long you need to. Do this until you have a sense of how your typical days are going.
  • What are most of your days like? Does there tend to be more “up days”, "so-so days", or “down days”?

III. What this ESP Test tells you

The more “up days” you are having indicates the more you are connected with your clear ESP abilities and using them in your life.

You may want tools and techniques to go further on your path. As you may have discovered, you can continue unfolding and finding more ways to use your inner sensitivity to help yourself and others.

If you are having too many “down days” or "so-so days", it is just a matter of making some adjustments. You can change these days to "up-days", if you desire it do so.

When you are "tuned into" your clear E.S.P. you will have a good sense of your purpose and how to live it. When you follow this clear inner sense you will have many "up days" and feel great!

This evaluation can be the first step of a remarkable journey to unfold your extrasensory perception.

Assistance is always available. There are on-line classes, community programs (in various locals), webinars, and tips and articles available.

These programs offer a step by step way to make your extrasensory perception practical. They have been used by many thousands of people for over 50 years.

For information on this, enter your contact information here.

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