Finding Meaning In Life

What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of existence? Do I have a purpose for being here? What should I do? Do you ever find yourself asking these kinds of questions?

Finding your meaning to life starts with clarifying your life from a big picture—knowing where you have come from and where you are going. 

No one can give this meaning to you. Only you can unfold this deeper understanding from within yourself. Other people can offer their perspective, some “how tos”, and best of all, be an example by the way they live their lives. 

In the end, though, it comes down to you tapping into the meaning that is in you. Some of you have taken time and have gone quite a distance so far. You may be looking to go deeper and add even more meaning your life. 

We hope this webpage will provide you key insights that you are looking for, and ready to uncover in you. We also have linked pages on this website that delve into other articles that may be helpful on your journey.

We suggest you take time to relax and tune into how this material feels to you. Especially notice if you have experiences in your life that give you a deeper sense for what is discussed. If you look at the material this way, it can touch your inner being and provide greater meaning in your life.  

Enthusiasm! Aliveness! Joy!

Could it be that the more you take time to clarify what you are gaining from your experiences, the more you will be enthused about your life? You will be in the flow of life energy. You may find yourself getting up earlier and looking forward to each day and your opportunities. You will be finding more meaning in life. 

Finding Meaning in Life 
An Inter-Connected Universe 

Let’s delve into finding meaning in life, first from the big picture of the universe, cosmos, God, the All—you can choose the word. Some people are more into science while others come from a religion or a philosophy. There are also those who look at life from both science and religion and see connections. 

We can see how the movement of the planets in our solar system and the sun’s energy plays a vital role in our world. We have a planet with an atmosphere that supports life, with it's incredible variety of plants and animals. Many of these species have an inter-related purpose in living, evolving and continuing on as different forms of energy.   

We Each Have a Part To Play

Human beings have a purpose, too. We each have certain lessons to experience. You could say we each drew up a set of lesson plans, much like a teacher does, before we incarnated into this school. We each have parts to play, roles to teach and roles to learn.  

As I master my lessons of planet earth, I spiral higher in my state of awareness. That’s my evolution as a soul. That's a key to finding meaning in life.

I do have help on my journey. While in this school of planet earth, I have higher souls, spiritual guidance, angels or whatever you may call this, to help me on my journey. As you regroup your experiences, you may notice the times when the pieces fell into place for you. When you are open and sincere, you will have the experiences and know you have help. You can connect directly with this source.     

Certain people and opportunities can come together to help me in living on earth and learning my lessons. My inner guidance also plays an important role. As I tap into this assistance,  I can avoid much of the suffering that is sometimes referred to as the school of hard knocks.  

That’s why reviewing and taking stock of my life is so important. I become more aware of what is really going on and can take advantage of this help. I can make the most of this opportunity of having a body on planet earth. 

Can you think of a time or a situation where you “happened” to meet a certain person or an opportunity showed up in your life? This especially tends to  happen when you make a decision to go for what you feel is important for you.

You’re a Soul

With A Body,


A Body

With A Soul 

Another key to finding meaning in life is knowing and having a feeling for the Real You. It is your soul or energy as shown by the oval or halo over the stick figure above.  It is not your physical body.

The Real You is your true intelligence and the life force, which feeds energy into your physical body to keep your body functioning.  Find out more about the Real You and how you fit into this overall picture. 

Let’s be honest about life on planet earth. It can be a mixed bag. There’s positive and constructive experiences and also the challenges and confusion. The later can especially be a part of the journey when a person does not have a clear understanding of the meaning of life.

When we connect within and to our bigger picture, we realize we have opportunities to connect, share, learn and grow in many different situations.  As sensitive souls, however, we need to learn how we can be involved in life and take advantage of the positive without getting caught in confusion and suffering.  

Four Questions to Finding More Meaning In Life

So let’s get to the main part of this article: a practical way of being the soul you are or the Real You. It’s not just reading though this article quickly. It’s taking time to get back to knowing who you really are and what you’re here for. There are many different ways to take a break from the busy outer world and tune in more. You probably have ways you do this already. 

One way to finding meaning in life is to take stock of your accomplishments, both physical and spiritual. This deepens the meaning of your life as you evaluate and realize how much you have grown and accomplished. Give yourself credit, and avoid judging or being critical of any dreams yet unfulfilled.

You can enjoy what you have put together in the physical world, but most important is what you have learned and how you use what you have learned. As you regroup your experiences you keep expanding your state of awareness. You will feel more energized and alive.

You can regroup in many ways. For example, by taking time away from your routines to relax and tune into your bigger picture and how you truly feel. If you want to maintain this  broader perspective, you can arrange to regroup at regular times, even if is just for short breaks.

You can do this daily,weekly,yearly or even take time out during or after each project to ask these key questions:  

What have I done?

• What have I learned? 

• What did I enjoy most? 

• What will I do differently moving forward

Taking time to regroup allows you to be more the soul you are. When you make a habit of regrouping your experiences, you will find more meaning in life.

If you become overwhelmed, down or confused by what’s happening in your life, take time to regroup. This will help you get back to feeling and being the Real You. You will also be able to turn negative situations into positive experiences for yourself.  

Once you learn the lesson you have gained something that really matters. It also means you can avoid going through the trouble of having to repeat the situation. 

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