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Guardian Angels In Humankind's Cultures

Spiritual guardians have been part of human culture, beliefs and stories since earliest recorded history. Today angels are included in many of the traditions and religions of the world.  

From Christmas decorations to greeting cards,books to many popular movies, they are often of interest to people. An Associated Press poll in 2011 showed that 77% of Americans believe Angels are real.     

Online and Community Programs 

Communicate Directly with Your Angels

Do More of What You Have Come Here to Do

Tues.,March 11, 2014 2:30PM EST or 8PM US Eastern Time

(7:30 PM Ireland or UK; 12 noon, Jan 8 Sydney, Australia)

What is covered: 

·  Your spiritual communication gifts: inner seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing angels.

·  Unfolding your clear spiritual being, soul consciousness, or the Real You.

· The more you clearly connect within, the more you will feel the good, kind, love, and deep wisdom within. (Your angels communicate through your clear spiritual being.)

· As you bring out and live from your true inner beingyou are inspired and you inspire others. 

· When you unfold this inner connection with your angels, you experience clear positive relationships in your personal and business life.

· By connecting consciously with your angels you will sense your purpose and how to live it.  

· You can also have an on going master mind of people to help you along your path. Everyone learns and helps each other. This begins after the next webinar.

Leading these Programs

Webinar hosts, Patrick Kilhenny, Estelle Small, and leaders from the US, Canada and other countries share in these programs.

Estelle and Patrick have been lecturing and consulting on angels, inner communication and life purpose for over 25 years each. They will share their practical experiences.

How and When for the Webinar:

To access and register for the webinar, click on a link below. This link will take you to “Go To Webinar”, our online conference provider.

This program is a special complimentary Webinar.  It is held at two times. Pick the one that is most convenient:  

Tues.,March 11, 2014 at 2:30 PM US Eastern Time, 7:30 PM Ireland and UK, click here:


Tues.,March 11, 2014 at 8 PM US Eastern Time, 12 noon Wed.,Sydney,Australia, click here:

Once you register by clicking one of the above links, you will be emailed the access information for how to do this online or by phone.

Your contact information is secure and is never given or sold to others.


Practice Technique Series available after the webinar - iMastery: Connect with Your Angels, Live Your Purpose. 

After this webinar, you can delve into the Practice Technique Series (online) or you can attend the next in-person Angel Communication Program, scheduled in various locations. (see below).   

It is helpful to meet, do the practical techniques and regroup your progress with others who are working consciously with their angels. Everyone learns from each other.

This helps you make a habit of connecting clearly with your angels, and being positively directed to accomplish what you truly desire in your life.

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 Angel Messages,Tips and Connecting

Facebook Community 

Posts of Guardian Angle Messages, Angel Tips, and sharing of experiences are all part of Guardian Angels Connection FaceBook Page. This is for individuals who want to connect more consciously with thier angels, share experiences, and go deeper for those already communicating with their Spiritual Helpers.  

In addition live webinars on angels, living your purpose and related topics are held often. Practice Technique sessions, courses and private consultations are also available.

These are sponsored by the Inner Peace Movement® Programs and the Americana Leadership College ℠ to maintain high  standards of service.

The emphasis here is on individuals connecting with their angels clearly and consciously and doing what they have come here to do.The more a person does this, the more they are truly free.  

As the old Chinese saying goes, " Give a man a fish today and he will be back tomorrow for another fish. Teach him how to fish and he will be free to use his own resources". 

Lectures, workshops, angel consultations, online

(See above for next webinar)


In-person programs are held in locations in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK. 

In-Person Community Programs 

Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny tour in the US, Canada, and Europe. Click here for the latest programs they will be giving. They are part of a network of certified angel consultants and instructors in a number of locations. Click here for a list of US cities (lower down the page). Email or call for contact information on other countries. 

Practice Technique Series available after the webinar or the in-person community programs. 

A series of techniques have been developed during the last 50 years by Dr. Francisco Coll and Inner Peace Movement® Programs which he founded. Over 100,000 people have learned to connect clearly with their Guardian Angels and live their purpose more.  

It is helpful to meet, do the practical techniques and regroup your progress with others who are working consciously with their angels. Everyone learns from each other.

You can make a habit of connecting clearly with your angels, and being positively directed to accomplish what your truly desire in your life.

For a free report on Angels in Our Lives: A Deeper Understanding, enter your information in the box at the top right of this page.

Sponsoring these Programs

These live webinars are sponsored by the Inner Peace Movement® Programs. IPM International, Inc is a non profit, non-sectarian community service organization (501C3). Since 1964 many thousands of individuals have learned to consciously unfold their angel communication and live their purpose. 


If you have any questions, please contact Estelle or Patrick: or call 917 328-8950 US, 647 992-8950 Canada. 

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