Head and Heart: Balance Is The Key
To A Joyful, Enriching Journey 

Head and Heart 

You come to Planet Earth with the help and inner resources you need to be successful with your venture. These inner resources encompass your two basic natures: your intellectual and feeling natures. 

You can also call them your conscious and unconscious mind. The terms you use are unimportant. What's key is understanding and using this balance of head and heart in your life. When you make it practical, this higher awareness will be invaluable.

As you truly understand these two natures and experience them working in balance, you'll be connecting with your dreams and true desires. Your goals are realized more naturally and you'll feel greater harmony in life. 

Know Your Inner Workings  

The head represents your intellectual nature: the analyzing, dissecting part of you. You need it to drive a car, do your taxes, follow a cooking recipe and for the many other societal functions that form the rhythms and routines of living.

The key is to have it in balance with your other nature: your feelings. This is the good, kind, loving and wise being you are within.   

Is your intellect or conscious mind more highly developed through schooling, books and outer information? Have you taken the time to unfold your feeling nature along with the intellectual pursuits? If you have, congratulations on being more balanced. 

If you tend to be higher in thinking than feeling, all you need to do is bring up your feeling nature to be in balance and you will have it made. 

Your feeling nature is your source of power and motivation. It's your love, caring and fountain of wisdom. And, it's the home of your true desires and purpose. 

Achieving What You Want 

  • Do you want true fulfillment in life?
  • Do you want to feel positive, enthusiastic and loving?
  • Do you want to know and live your true purpose in life?
  • Do you want to tap into your connection with your inner guidance, or angels, or whatever you feel is your source of higher inspiration? That higher source will help you accomplish what you are here to do while you enjoy your life! 

It's a matter of bringing together in balance your two natures: your head and heart. Find out which of the two is more highly developed and then seek to increase the other.

Here is a way to know where you are. Take a look at your friends. Are they more intellectual or more feeling? Like attracts like. 

Solution to Balancing
Head and Heart

Most people tend to be more one side or the other, head or heart. Are you a thinker most of the time or in your feelings? 

If you have unfolded your intellectual nature to a greater degree than your feelings, then it's just a matter of experiencing and taking time to notice your feelings. 


If you have more heart than head, take time to understand your feelings/experiences and act from this balanced state. 

You ideally want to have a flow in life that starts with your feelings. This rhythm can be called: Feel-Think-Act...Feel-Think-Act... Feel-Think-Act... 

This rhythm is what keeps life moving along in balance. Your head and heart are aligned and flowing together. To develop this flow, you can repeat these three words, or three steps, aloud: "Feel-Think-Act", "Feel-Think-Act", "Feel-Think-Act", etc.  

Next, go ahead and close you eyes and keep repeating these words to yourself for about 15 seconds, then get a sense of how this may apply to your life. 

Can you picture yourself being relaxed and getting a feeling for what you want to do, then organizing how to accomplish it. Finally, you move into action in the timing you decide is best.

You will get feelings as you act and can repeat the Feel - Think - Act process as long as you feel you need to.

When you balance your head and heart, you will be sensing clearly what is best for you. You will experience the positive, loving, caring feelings that are part of the Real You. 

That is, provided you do not allow the intellect and the outside programming, you may have picked up along the way, to tell you otherwise. 

Accomplishing Your Goals 

Now you have it: how to be more in the flow of your accomplishments by having your intellect and feelings in balance. All you need to do is take time and see how you can bring the two together for harmonious living. 

This inner harmony enables a clear sense of what you desire and how to accomplish it. You'll be feeling good and motivated to continue on your path. 

More resources are available on this website that delve into our inner workings, connecting with the real you, your inner guidance, God, Angels or whatever you feel is your source of inspiration and help. As you connect within you know and can live your unique purpose for being here on planet earth.   

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