Hearing Angels 
Yes, we do have angelic help!

Everyone has angels or inner guidance to help them from birth. People are hearing angels, but may not realize it. Children are naturally connected with their angels and sometimes call them imaginary playmates. 

Besides inner hearing (clairaudience), we have three other avenues of communication. Some people are more visual (clairvoyant) and see pictures. Others get more of a feeling and some just know or receive hunches. We have all four of these inner communication abilities, but one is predominent.

When individuals grow up and develop their intellectual nature in balance with their feeling nature, they stay connected with their true being and desires. Having this balance also means they continue hearing angels, seeing, feeling and knowing their spiritual helpers. If we lose the connection in adulthood, and many people do, we can get it back. 

It takes a little practice!

In today’s highly organized societies, many people are taught to think so much that they have a hard time tuning into their true inner senses and their inner guidance or angels.

The over-thinking tends to drown out their angels' communication. We can make the outer world so important that we lose this inner connection.

With practice anyone can re-connect so they are clearly communicating with their angels, hearing angels, seeing, feeling and knowing their angels. When they do, they have an unlimited source of insights and answers.

Their life changes forever as people realize they can communicate directly with their angels. They feel an inner security and peacefulness. They know that everything will be okay. 

Individuals who have had truly great accomplishments have tapped into their deeper connection. They went beyond what they were taught from the outside world, and were able to combine the outer intellectual information with their inner senses. Often times they were tapping into their inner guidance or angels.

Programs on Angels and Life Purpose Presented by Patrick Kilhenny and Estelle Small

Other Programs in the US, Canada, Australia,New Zealand, and Europe


Another series of in-person and online programs are beginning. For online lectures and programs click here. This is the information on the upcoming in-person programs: 

Connecting with Angels and the

Big Picture Presentation 

  • Learn about angels from the personal experiences of individuals who consciously connect with their spiritual helpers. This is not a theory. It is useful everyday. 
  • Find out about having direct communication with your angels. Be in the right place at the right time and feel more fulfillment
  • Have the answers that work well for you when you need them. You'll feel more inner security and peace. 
  • Clarify a bigger picture of your unique purpose and how to live it as you unfold your inner communication.
  • Easy-to-do steps to unfold your four gifts of communication. As you do this, you communicate clearly within yourself, with other people and with your angels.  
  • Participants practice connecting consciously with angels. Most people attending are pleasantly surprised when they do it for the first time. 
  • Understand and sense the Real You. Tap into your clear soul being and be connected with your inner dreams and real wisdom.   
  • Cost $10 

Ontario Area, Canada - Fall 2014

Date and Location:

Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 at 7 PM

1 1/2 hour to 2 hours 

Aroma Express Cafe

321 Lakeshore Road East

Oakville, Ontario L6J 1J4

Contact for more information:

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com 

Phone: 647 992-8950 


Follow-up to the Big Picture Presentation 

Technique Workshop 


After the Big Picture Presentation (see above), a Technique Workshop and Practice Technique Sessions are available.

These dynamic programs help you discover your true nature and relationship to the universe. You refine your communication with your angels through practice and personal experience. 

The techniques used here are revolutionary. You can experience for yourself what it is like to be a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.

Here is a sample of what is included:

• Spiritual Cleansing and Inner Tuning Technique - learn to buffer yourself from the outer pressures and  negativity. Stay connected to you clear inner being and your inner guidance or angels. 

• Thought Transference Technique - Know what is you and what is not you. It may sound simple, but this is a key to it all. The more you clarify this, the more you will be able to sense your own positive, solution-oriented inner being. You will not be misled by outer confusion, i.e. negative thoughts and feelings that you pick up from the outer world.  

• Go further in your bigger picture - Regroup your sense of personal loyalty (where it all begins), your inner communication, your early relationships that can still influence you today, and more. It will all fit together as you open up your inner communication. 

Open the doors of your unconscious mind and understand yourself, others and the universe you are part of. Unfold your clear inner communication.

The Technique Workshop is a three-hour program. It has practical techniques and goes deeper into important topics covered in the big picture presentation. 

Cost of this program is $35 when pre-registering ahead, $45 at the door. 

Other Featured Programs in U.S.

Portland, Oregon - Oct. to Nov. 2014 

Presenters: Roger and Diana Ringo 

E-mail or Call for details

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com

Call: 877 525 6335 


Las Vegas, Nevada - Oct. to Nov., 2014 

Presenters: April Azzolino  

E-mail or Call for details

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com

Call: 702 501-4491 


Des Moines, Iowa - Sept. to Nov., 2014 

Presenters: Jack Snell and Heather Brown 

E-mail or Call for details

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com

Call: 877 525 6335 


Manhattan, Kansas - Nov., 2014 

Presenters: Tomas and Jan Bruke 

E-mail or Call for details

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com

Call: 785 320-7027 


Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia

Oct. to Nov., 2014

Presenters: Carolyn Clarke and Thomas Morris 

E-mail or Call for details

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com

Call: 757 752-6117 


New York, New York

Sept. to Nov., 2014

Presenters: Dr. Paul Kellogg 

E-mail or Call for details

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com

Call: 505 514 2766 


United Kingdon 


Presenters: Rosie Holroyd 

E-mail or Call for details

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com

Call: 077353 14280

Programs on Angels and Life Purpose

Presented by More Certified IPM®

Leaders in the US, Canada, and

Other Countries 

These programs have been held in thousands of locations since 1964

The IPM® Programs have set the standard for individuals to connect clearly within themselves and hearing angels, seeing, feeling and knowing their angels.

People who have participated in these programs have been featured in over 10,000 newspaper stories, and on radio and TV shows in the US and internationally. 

Here is a list of some US locations with certified practitioners who show individuals how to connect clearly with their angels so they can enjoy the lives they truly desire.  

Tucson, Arizona; Berkley, California; West Palm Beach, Florida; Albany, Georgia; Des Moines, Iowa, Osceola, Iowa; Lawrence, Kansas; Manhattan, Kansas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; North Arlington, New Jersey; New York, New York; Albuquerque, New Mexico;  Portland, Oregon; Norfolk,Virginia; Roanoke, Virginia; Two Rivers,Wisconsin

 These programs are also held in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

For details call: 800 336-8008 or

001 641 342 4517 / email: alc@alcworld.com

Touring this year in Florida, Canada, Ireland, U.K. and more locations

Patrick Kilhenny and Estelle Small lecture and consult on inner guidance or angels internationally. They have been sharing simple, practical techniques with thousands of individuals for many years. A key focus is how to have clear two-way communicaton with angels and living your life purpose.

They also do private consultations to clarify if you are hearing angels, seeing, feeling or the type of person who knows about your angels (and other areas of life). They consult in a number of areas, but the emphasis is primarily on you learning to have a clear connection with your own team of angels.

Patrick shares "When a person knows how to connect cearly within themselves, they are truly free. They will always have the answers that are best."  

For more details

call: 001 917 328-8950

In Canada: 647 992-8950 

email: support@spiritualgrowthkeys.com 

Next Free Internet Seminar   

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Angels in Our Life


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Your contact information is confidential. It is never give out or sold. You can easily discontinue at any time if you do not find this is valuable to you. 

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Receive Free e-Publication on Angels in Our Lives: a Deeper Understanding
Download an informative e-Pub: Angels in Our LIfe: a Deeper Understanding and free subscription to tips and articles on angels and living your purpose. Enter your information below.
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The Inner Peace Movement® Programs

A Worldwide Network of Certified Angel Consultants and Instructors.

Two International Touring Leaders:


Angels are a way of life for Estelle Small, who has many years' experience leading lectures, workshops and private consultations on angel communication and living one's true purpose.

A former journalist and government senior policy advisor, Estelle's life path includes many angel and intuitive experiences, dating back to childhood.

She has a deep appreciation for the challenge of achieving work-life balance. She is married, travels often, and calls Florida and Ontario, Canada her home.

Patrick Kilhenny has lectured internationally for 25 years on angel communication, sharing his message in media throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

A former nuclear engineer, he learned to balance his intellect and feelings nature to clearly connect within himself and with his spiritual helpers. What a difference this has made in his personal and business life.

He often says: "Anyone who wants can have a clear, two-way communication with their angels and lead the life they are here to experience."

He is married and often holds programs with his partner, Estelle.

These programs are sponsored by the non-profit educational program IPM International Inc. The Inner Peace Movement® Programs have been a forerunner in helping individuals have clear two-way communicate with their angels and living their life purpose.