I like to have fun with my goals. When I do, it works!

by Jill Preston
(Miami, Florida )

I like to find ways to have fun with my goals. This is how I balance out the goals that I have and not make them overly important as you talk about in your article, Patrick. I had a goal to loose 15 pounds for one of my New Year's Resolutions a few years ago.

I talked this over with two friends and we organized to go to a weight lose program and to do the meals together. We took turns cooking the food and were creative. Most of the meals were pretty good and we enjoyed doing it.

We even invited others to some of our meals and had a good time loosing weight. I still am down 10 pounds from when I started. I also learned lots about what foods to eat, what to avoid and how to maintain my weight. Keeping from going back up in wight is the hardest part after doing some dieting, but so far it is working.

That is what I want to share about finding ways to have goals that are fun. When they are, I stay with it and tend to get my goal and learn something helpful. Thanks Patrick for the article I want to find out more about this.

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Jan 04, 2013
Great example!
by: Anonymous

This was a great story, Jill, the way you had an inner goal of having fun with your outer goal of loosing weight. It is pretty simple but for many years I was not having fun with my goals. Other people may relate to this also.

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