Loving Abundance 

Planet earth holds such loving abundance for you, although that may be hard to believe sometimes when dealing with piles of bills or feeling a lack of time, friends, opportunities or anything else.   

You may wonder when, beyond ourselves, we see other people, businesses and even societies struggling with poverty and turmoil. This has been the case for thousands of years. Today, however, we can see it up close and often with 7/24 news. 

We can be more involved in the solutions or the troubles in our world. We can be tuned into the abundant side of life and avoid being caught up in problems. When we manifest loving abundance in our state of consciousness we help ourselves and others.  

Loving Abundance: Physical and Spiritual 

Some people have acquired considerable worldly wealth: a beautiful home, or a number of them, a family and career. But, they do not feel inner fulfillment, love or joy.

Others have a deep well of spiritual and material abundance. They enjoy their work and the outer freedom attained from financial wealth. They connect with friends, family and experience an inner freedom and peace in life. 

Individuals manifesting loving abundance can deepen this level of fulfillment and enrichment. They can expand further in helping themselves and others. As they share what they have, they continue to learn and grow.  

Living the Laws of Abundance     

Planet Earth and the Universe are awash in loving abundance. There’s enough to provide for all your physical and spiritual needs. It's up to you how much you tap into the Laws of Abundance. 

We delve into these universal laws from both the inner (spiritual) and the outer (physical) point of view. The inner side is where it all begins. As you clarify and apply these laws in your inner being (your feelings), you will be manifesting greater abundance in your relationships, family, work, bank account and other ares of your life.    

The following keys can assist you in enjoying all the abundance you desire. To the degree you use these keys, you will experience the flow of loving abundance.  

Three Keys to Loving Abundance:
Inspiration, Involvement and Creativity  

As you review these three keys for loving abundance, see how you've used them in the past. Can you recall an experience when you were inspired and created what you desired? Chances are, these keys have opened many doors for you already. 

Most importantly, see how you can make this useful to further enrich your journey. The understanding and tools available here are practical. 

When you tap into a clear source of inspiration and plunge whole-heartedly into what feels right for you, you will be in your flow. You won't have to struggle and work as hard, and you will enjoy greater satisfaction.   

Key #1: Tapping into Clear Inspiration 

Tuning into a crystal clear source for answers, inspirations and ideas opens you to the flow of your loving abundance. How do you do this? It starts with getting to know and experiencing the Real You—the good, kind, loving inner being you are.   

What can work against your clear inspiration is picking up not-so-helpful concepts from the outer world. Examples of these concepts could be “I don’t have what it takes”, or “I’m not smart enough, or talented enough.” You may not be maintaining a clear inner connection with the Real You and with your inner guidance or whatever you call your highest source.  

You may think you are where you are because you were not born into a certain family or don't have connections to the right people. You tap into the most powerful connection when you unfold your clear inspiration. 

Understanding and using your inner communication is key. People call this inner connection by many different names: inspiration, intuition, extra sensory perception and by other words.  

Whatever your call this, you are a sensitive being and can be influenced by the positive and the not-so-good from people and your environments. This is especially true for children, who are like sponges, picking up on the thinking and attitudes around them. These mental acquisitions then play out in adulthood, unless people take time to clarify their thinking. 

Connecting with a Crystal Clear Source

You can buffer yourself from outer pressure, stress and negativity. You can live as the Real You and be connected with clear, positive inspiration and helpful answers. 

You can also clarify and release conscious and unconscious concepts that keep you from the life that you have come here to experience and enjoy. 

Chances are, you have ways now to keep your energy up and solution-oriented in the face of challenges. This SpiritualGrowthKeys.com website offers tools and techniques to connect with your clear inspiration and the Real You. 

Aligning with the Highest Sources of the Universe

Let’s take a look at clear sources of inspiration. Who are you communicating with when you feel inspired and receive positive, helpful insights? You may have a good inner feeling, a chill, or sense a higher energy around you. 

Many names are used to describe what people feel they tune into when they receive insights and answers. You can call this source God, collective unconscious, guides, angels or higher self to mention a few.

The words are not as important as taking time to clarify and tune into a crystal clear source. These are the pictures, ideas, feelings and knowings that are constructive and help you on your journey.   

Key #2: Involvement

In my later 20s (Patrick Kilhenny speaking here), I dabbled in many things, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my career and life. I read and went to talks, but I didn’t get involved with much until I matured and began to be more honest with myself.  

It was only when I became engaged in areas that I had a feeling for and was drawn to that I began to open up my clear connection with myself and others. Instead of just attending lectures, watching videos and reading, I became more involved in my learning. Most importantly, I applied what I was taught in my life. And—it worked! 

When people are interested in exploring a particular area of life they often take time to gather information to know how it works. Before long they need to have experiences. You really know something when you experience it. Involvement or engagement is an important key. 

Of course, there are so many possibilities. A person can spend lots of time, energy and money being involved in unnecessary areas even to the point of going broke and being drained. The key is to be discerning with one's involvement. 

When you make a decision based on what you clearly feel or sense, you will have direction from within. As you do this you take charge of your life. You are the captain of your ship. 

As you set sail from your true feelings, you will have all the backing you need from the Universe, God, Guides, Angels, etc. (Again, use your word here). 

We need involvement in life. Yet when we become involved, it’s easy to be affected by pressure and negativity. It helps to take time out periodically to regroup and keep your big picture as a soul learning and growing on planet earth.  

It’s important to keep your energy relaxed, positive and buffered from outer pressure and confusion. 

(Note: The classes, courses and private consultations available through this website show you ways to buffer yourself and stay tuned into your clear direction and inner guidance. Check out webinars below and others programs to find out more.

Key #3: Creativity

As you tap into your clear inspiration and get involved with your goals and dreams, you will receive additional insights and the creative energy flows. These three keys: Inspiration, Involvement and Creativity all work together and build on each other for more loving abundance. 

When your creativity flows you find answers to challenges and keep moving along your path. If you get knocked over, you have the momentum to pick yourself up. You keep going and can learn something from the situation. When you take time to regroup spiritually, these experiences become wisdom for you.     

Creativity: A Help or Hindrance  

Creativity can help or work against you. When you don't make the time to tune in and be clear with your direction, it is easy to take a creative detour. Creativity can be used to escape from what you really need to be doing. 

Throughout my life, I have taken occasional detours. I notice it faster now. I make sure I tune into my sensitivity and inner guidance about opportunites before and while I'm involved in them. This makes a big difference in staying on track.   

As you connect more within and with your inner direction, you will find where you need to be applying your energy and resources and what aligns best with your purpose. Your creativity can expand to a whole new level. 

You have all the creativity you need, especially when you tune into your clear inspiration and get involved in it. You’ll be tapping into an infinite source of loving abundance and enjoying its many manifestations.

Unfulfilling Detours

Throughout my life, I have taken occasional detours. I notice it faster now. I make sure I tune into my sensitivity and inner guidance about opportunites before and while I'm involved in them. This makes a big difference in staying on track.   

As you connect more within and with your inner direction, you will find where you need to be applying your energy and resources and what aligns best with what you are here to do. Your creativity can expand to a whole new level. 

You have all the creativity you need, especially when you tune into your clear inspiration and get involved. You’ll be tapping into an infinite source of loving abundance and enjoying its many manifestations.

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A former nuclear engineer, he learned to balance his intellect and feelings nature to clearly connect within himself and with his inner guidance. What a difference this has made in his personal and business life.

Patrick has found that anyone who wants can have a clear, two-way communication with their inner guidance and enjoy the life they are here to experience. They can be abundant spiritually and materially to the degree they want and aligns with their purpose. 

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She feels most fulfilled when she helps people learn more about their sources of clear inspiration and how to stay attuned to them for a better life.