My Purpose In Life 
9 Keys

My Purpose in Life is Clear  

A Question Many People Ask

What is my purpose in life? This is a question people are asking — both aloud and in the expressions in their faces — when they walk in the door to our programs.

Answering this question is exciting and inspiring, full of self-discovery and living as the souls we are.  Living my purpose means feeling fulfilled and knowing that I am doing what I am here to do. 

Let’s look at keys to living my purpose… 

It’s Up To You!

No one can fulfill your life purpose like you can. You are a unique soul who has come to planet earth for a reason. You have certain experiences, talents and energy. You also have all the backing that you need to be successful in your venture.

You may not realize how much wisdom you have within and all the help that is available to you. Then again, you may already be tapping into your purpose and feeling the fulfillment. You may want to clarify your purpose further and live it even more. 

Wherever you are at in your evolvement as a soul, you can take it deeper. 

My Purpose in Life  
Shifting into High Gear!

Taking my own initiative in life from within me is one of the most important keys to living my purpose. We are going to make this the number one key because it is so important. You may want to say it again to yourself and see how that feels and how you have experienced that. 

I take my own initiative in what I feel is important. 

Can you remember a time when you decided to really get into what you sensed was important? Go ahead and take a moment and recall a moment when you were energized and seemed to be moving along with an energy flow. It may be a situation from the past or one that you are involved in now. 

You may notice how you seemed to get breaks when you were in this flow. You may have met certain people who you connected with and helped you on your path or you may have helped them.

Certain opportunities may have come to you that opened up doors in your ventures. You may recall how you were receiving inspiration that helped you overcome challenges and keep going even when life was difficult. 

Taking time to spiritually regroup your experiences like this, can give you helpful insights into living your purpose. For more information on living your purpose and key questions to get the most for the time you are on earth, take a look here. 

In any event, this is the kick off to the keys to clarifying my purpose in life - taking your own initiative, especially from what you feel you need to be involved in. It’s not so much doing it for the pay, the recognition or other outer reasons, although those can be fine and sometimes really needed. It’s mainly being involved in certain ventures because you have a sense that it is important in a bigger picture sense.  

My Purpose in Life

8 More Keys 

My Purpose in Life - 8 More Keys 

Now that we have laid out the first key, we are ready to go further into this topic: 

Clarifying And Living My Purpose In Life

To get the most from these important points, you may want to do some self-evaluation and see how they have transpired in your life:

2: Your life purpose is not so much a role you play, like a certain job. It is an unfolding, an expression to the world or the message you share with the world by the way you live your life.

3. What you do is one part of your life purpose but even more important is how you live your life. It is your energy or attitude that determines much about what you attract in your life.

4: We are all living our life purpose to some extent. The trick is to know which paths to follow because they will broaden our opportunities to express our purpose and message and which ones to leave alone.

5: Your unique purpose is a continual unfoldment. To live that purpose follow what you Feel is best and don't forget your head. 

6: Take time to regroup your experiences, even daily or weekly, etc.  Take in a retreat, a "time-out" for greater clarification. Learning from your experiences is an important part of regrouping.

7: Did you ever have the feeling of "I was meant to do that" or "I was born to do that!" Or, "I did it, I did it!" Well, that's it: you are  involved in your life purpose. 

8: Think about times in your life when you felt especially fulfilled and happy? Chances are, that had something to do with your life purpose! As you connect more within and review your life experiences, your life purpose will become clearer.   

Four Keys Questions To Gain More From Your Experiences. 

9: No one's life purpose gets fulfilled alone. Angels (and key people in our lives) help us as we move along our path.  

Finally, here's a quote that, in an uncanny way, is related to life's purpose: "A person without humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road." -- H. Bleecher.

So, while having a sense of humor isn't essential to your life purpose, it's a big help! 

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Patrick Kilhenny is the co-creator of Spiritual Growth, a consultant and a lecturer with the non-profit educational IPM® International, Inc. 

He is a former nuclear engineer who learned to fine tune his intuitive skills and have conscious communication with his inner guidance or angels. 

With a long time interest in science, he was practical and very skeptical about directly  communicating with angels.

Fortunately he was somewhat open and willing to try the inner communication and self clearing techniques from the Inner Peace Movement® Programs.  

Patrick discovered that it worked.This inner connection has been a key to truly living the life that he feels he is here to lead.

Working closely with his inner guidance has been an adventure. This includes his marriage which he felt was helped greatly by the angels as well as relationships, starting within himself and others.

Patrick also found great backing from the angels in the successful businesses he has had. “It was wonderful to work with angels in all the challenges that came up in owning a business. My spiritual guides helped me keep a bigger picture of what was really going on and what was best to be doing."

He says: "It’s an amazing feeling to be able to communicate regularly with my angels and receive their help in handling many of life's challenges.

Over the years it has been rewarding to share the understanding and techniques with others and see it help so many.”