Wrapping Up 2014 
Achieving Your New Year Goals

Reviewing 2014 before Setting New Year Goals 

When you take time to evaluate 2014 using the key questions below, you will get more from the time you invested. You can gain something even from difficult situations and feel good about the entire year. Most importantly, you will raise your state of consciousness as you learn lessons from your experiences.  

After regrouping the past year, we will look at your physical and spiritual goals. This means enjoying the world you live in, but taking time to appreciate and unfold more of your true inner being. This includes feeling good about yourself and what you are accomplishing. 

While we are speaking to New Year Goals here, the regrouping technique below can apply to any time period or experience.  For example, you may want to regroup a past week, month, or year.

When you take time to regroup regularly, you will be living more as a soul you are with a physical body, instead of becoming caught up in the outer world.

You will be:

  • learning your lessons  
  • keeping your energy high 
  • be tuning into solutions and the positive side of life. 
  • avoiding many troubles and tragedies 
  • connecting more clearly with your inner guidance, angels (or whatever you feel you connect with).  

Exercise: Get the Most from 2014 for a Better 2015

When you take time to regroup 2014 you will have a clearer picture, a deeper understanding or better feeling of what you accomplished. You feel good with your results, or possibly see them in a new light. 

The lessons you learned from your experiences can help you for years to come. Take a few moments to relax, ensure you are being sincere with yourself and tune in as you answer these questions..

You can take notes on what comes to mind. A trick here is to record “what comes” as you answer these questions, and don’t over think.  Simply go with what comes to you. 

Here are the key questions to answer: 

1. What did you accomplish?  List your year’s accomplishments in your work, personal life or other involvements. 

2. How do these accomplishments feel to you? Are you satisfied with them? Are you feeling good, relaxed, a sensation of kindness and trust, or frustrated, impatient, or under pressure? Note what you experience.

3. What did you learn? When you learn your lessons you don't need to repeat them, and you can move on in your life. 

4. What do you want to do differently? 

5. What are your highlights? These experiences are often satisfying to re-call! 

Once you do this regrouping and as the year ends, on Dec 31, you can use the next exercise to close the energy of the year. 

Exercise: Closing the Energy On 2014
(or for other situations) 

There are a variety of ways to wrap up your energy and leave behind what you no longer need. This will help you bring out your best in the future and focus on what is important in your personal and business life. 

You can start by having your list of accomplishments from the previous regrouping exercise (or you can do one now).  Go with the key experiences that come to mind.  

Here are the steps: 

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit with minimal distractions. 
  2. Relax. You may have a way you relax already, or take a few deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth (repeat this a few times). 
  3. Mentally review the year: your opportunities, involvements, experiences and accomplishments. You may have listed your experiences before starting this exercise so you can review that list.   
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Visualize a big scissors in your mind's eye and cut away the last year's experiences from you as you do the next steps. 
  6. Say aloud “cut” and clap your hands at the same time you say it.
  7. Visualize the scissors cutting the past as you say “cut” and clap your hands again. 
  8. Repeat this visualization, cutting away a third time
  9. You are ready to start anew. 


  • If you get into the feeling and experiences of the past year in this exercise, your subconscious mind will get the message to cut from the past.
  • Some individuals tend to visualize more. Other people may feel or understand the cutting away of the past.  
  • You can snap your fingers if you want, to signal a cut in other ways. 

When To Use This Exercise

  • You can regroup with the questions shown above and then “cut” your energy. 
  • Do this exercise when the New Year arrives on Jan. 1, 2015. Remember that you can also use this exercise any time you want to release your energy from the past, such as a past day, project, person, etc.
  • You can repeat this any time you have a feeling to do so. It can be helpful to cut energy after meeting or talking to people, when finishing projects or wrapping up parts of projects. 

Why Use This Exercise

  • This will help you stay more focused on your involvements in the present.
  • You will experience less of a tendency for your thinking to drift away or for mishaps to occur because you are not focused. 

Goals, Planning, Communication, Action! 

After deciding on your New Year goals, the next step will be your plan. We won’t cover planning here. We can't do it all in one article, but an upcoming free webinar will delve further into achieving your physical and spiritual goals. 

This is about clarifying your dreams and desires that you are motivated to achieve and feel great fulfillment from. As you connect with your inner goals, you will feel more enthusiasm and energy in your life

You will be accomplishing your goals, but more importantly, gaining the most from your time and enjoying the journey.

If you want to find out more, you can attend the next on-line program (see below).  

Set Your New Year Goals for 2015 

1. What do you want materially or physically for 2015?  Examples: physical health, relationships, a new home, advancement at work, your own business, travel, etc. 

2. What do you desire in an inner sense or spiritually for 2015?  Examples: more fulfillment, clarity about your life purpose, self-respect, love, etc. 

Writing down your goals and deciding on the timing will help you accomplish them. It is best to make it practical. This way you do not feel a lot of pressure from the goals.  You do not want to make your goals an end in themselves. Instead, they are a means to an end. 

Deciding on the timing for your goals can serve as markers as you move along your path. They can be fun and encouraging as you see the markers go by and accomplish your goals.

If the goals do not happen in the timing you decided on, you can regroup (see the previous regrouping questions) and decide what to do. The key is not to get down on yourself for not accomplishing your goals.

Was there something you did accomplish by setting the goal? Did you learn something? You may have gotten more experience so that you can accomplish that goal the next time or other goals.  

It helps to look at what you gained and build on that, instead of throwing out the "baby with the bathwater". 

Receiving Help With Your New Year Goals 

Your Inner Guidance or Angels will help you accomplish your New Years goals or other goals you have a feeling for. Your spiritual guidance are like a board of directors for your company. They will advise and assist you, but you are chairman of your company, You Inc.  

You are the one who needs to decide on your goals. It is also important to understand your motives behind these goals. Having clear, or positive motives is a key when you are working with angels. 

As you establish where you are heading and do your part, to make things happen, your spiritual guidance will assist you. Have you noticed the times that you made a decision and pursued your goal? Did you happen to meet certain people, have opportunities come to you, or get helpful insights? Often times this syncronicity (as some people call it) is your angels helping you.  

You can learn about why goals work or do not work for you in the next free webinar. You can also download an e-Publication, Angels In Our Lives: A Deeper Understanding. Click a link here for an upcoming webinar or enter your contact information in the box at the bottom of this page to immediately receive the Free e-Publication.  

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• Steps to having conscious Angel communication. When you have clear motives and consciously connect with your angels, you receive all the help you need.

Be in the right place at the right time as you tune into your inner being, your true desires and angels. They will help you in the areas you need assistance.

Estelle Small & Patrick Kilhenny host these webinars. They have been leading these programs for over 25 years across the US, Canada, and in Europe.

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Goals worked for me for a while 
By Patrick Kilhenny 

I did well with New Year goals (and my overall goals) in my 20s because I was tuning into my feelings and what I truly wanted. I was sensing what was best for me overall.  

Back than, I lived in New York. I finished school as an engineer and got a job in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a place that was great for me at that age. 

It was good to get away from where I was raised to live more my life and discover what I truly wanted. I accomplished many of my goals, like buying a home and having a wonderful relationship with a woman, advancing in my work, etc.  Life was going well. 

This changed in my 30s, however.  My true inner being was in need of something more than earning more money, buying another house, or traveling (like I did quite a bit).  I was doing well in the outer sense, but I was no longer enthused about it.   

I stopped setting New Year goals or having goals at all.  I began to search into what was going on and what I truly wanted to be doing. I read self-help books, attended seminars and explored avenues that might have answers.

Opening my Inner Communication 

By the time I was 32, I met and had a chance to get together  with sincere, fun folks who were at various stages of searching and finding their own answers.  

We were in a practice technique series to open up our inner communication in order to clarify and live our   life purpose. These are the same programs that we have today, only we do them online as well as in certain communities

Later on, I realized it was my inner guidance or angels who helped me find these people and be part of these meetings. It was just what I needed at the time. I now know that when I get out and do what I can, my angels help me in all kinds of ways.  

Some of these people I got together with were pretty connected and clear about themselves. Others were at the early stages of searching within, like myself.  It seemed to work for everyone at the level they were at.  

We did a number of practical techniques that unfolded our four inner communication abilities (inner seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing). The techniques we did also helped us identify and heal concepts that were limiting us from living as the souls we were. . 

As I opened up this inner connection I learned to communicate and receive answers directly from, what they called inner guidance or spirit guides. 

It was amazing when I discovered that I could have direct two-way communication with my spiritual guides. This clear inner communication and my guidance helped me to clarify what was really going on and what was best to be doing with my life. 

The guides would not make decisions for me or tell me what to do. They did have suggestions that were a big help!

I discovered it was much better working with them instead of trying to do it myself. It was more enjoyable and they also helped me understand how I could have goals in the inner sense that worked well with my outer worldly goals. 

Balancing my Inner and Outer

I got a clear feeling of what I really wanted within (ie. feeling peaceful, fulfilled, joyful, love), as well as in the outer world. My guides helped me balance these two sides. 

I saw how the physical goals could support what I truly wanted to be inside. I once again began to set goals, but this time in a more balanced way.  

I also discovered it was important to take time along the way to regroup and know what I was really gaining from my experiences.  

Accomplishing the goal was not the main objective. But goals helped me in the present by being directed, making decisions, keeping my personal energy clear and getting the most out of each day.  

Regrouping helped me learn the lessons from my experiences and kept me clearly directed and growing. 

Do you relate to any of my experiences? 

I share some of my story -- with its ups and down, successful new year goals and painful, my-heart-isn’t-in-this goal-setting -- to pass along what I have been learning and how it has helped me. 

You may already have learned your lessons about goals and connecting more within.  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.  It is great that we can all learn from each other.  We each have wisdom in different areas.