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Communicate With Angels 

Live Your Purpose  

Begins Sunday, July 30, 2017


  • Receive a private consultation to know important keys about your team of angels. Clarify how you connect with your angels (inner seeing, feeling, knowing, hearing), the number of angels you have, where they touch you and how to ask questions and receive answers directly from your spiritual helpers. 
  • Learn techniques to keep yourself in a clear state of mind and remain buffered from outer pressures and influences. 
  • Strengthen your communication with your angels or team of master souls. Make a clear consistent connection with four weeks of courses and practice plus follow-up regrouping. Go deeper if you already are connecting consciously with your spiritual helpers.  
  • Unfold your four inner communication abilities through specific techniques. Practice with other participants. 
  • Understand the deeper lessons you are here to master. You’ll find more meaning in your daily experiences. Live as the soul you are with inner enthusiasm and motivation. 
  • Delve into your life purpose: where and how you have been living it. Clarify and live more in your unique niche. Experience greater spiritual and material fulfillment.  
  • Discover how to combine your Avocations and Soul Purpose to be in your unique niche. 
  • Feel the crystal clear energy of the angels backing you and other participants at these courses. Use the take-home techniques to practice between the programs. 
  • Make clear angel communication a way of life. 
  • Look into the biggest obstacles that are holding you back and find solutions. 
  • Practice healing techniques to help overcome emotional or physical challenges.   
  • Clarify your balanced spiritual and material goals with your angels. Experience more fulfillment and inner peace.   

BEGINS: Sunday, July 30, 2017 AT 11AM PST, 1 PM CST, 2PM EST, 7PM IRELAND/UK (3 1/2 HRS)  

You can chose to do the first workshop or the full program.  

Fifth Bonus Workshop Provided at no additional cost for participants in the five part series.  

Cost $195 US ($245 CAN) for one to one Consultation, 3 1/2 hr workshop, 3 - 2 1/2 hr workshops (#2 to #4) with lessons sent to you each week. Special package prices available until Sat., July 29, 2017, noon. 

Also follow-up practice technique session included after the four workshops. This 5th session is also 2 1/2 hrs., but does not have a workbook. 

Option: Take Workshop #1 & Private Consultation: $125 US ($155CAN)

GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with any of the workshops, receive a refund for the course within 30 days of completing the course. You keep the course materials. 

Private consultation is not refundable.  

You can register below.

For questions and more information: 

Email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com 

Call: 888 248-GUIDES (TOLL FREE) or 888-248-4843

From outside North America: 001 647 992-8950  


The joy of being consciously connected with your spiritual helpers is like no feeling you have ever experienced before. 



Workshops done via video conference. Courses are recorded if you miss any. Courses can also be attended in-person (Toronto, Ontario).

You can begin with the private consultation to know your angels and how to communicate directly with them.

Weekly workshop schedule can be adjusted in the holidays or if a number of participants find that bi-weekly is better. 

Full Series of Four Workshops Plus

Follow-Up Practice Technique Session And

Private Angels and Spiritual Gifts Consultation 

Cost: $195 US

Cost: $245 CAN

Payment of $67 US to start

2 additional payments of $67 each  2 weeks 

Communicate with Angels/Live Your Purpose
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$67.00 USD
Every 2 weeks (x 2)$67.00 USD
Total $201.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Video conference workshops with lessons, sharing and in-depth techniques to communicate clearly with your spiritual helpers. Feel the joy and fulfillment of living a more purposeful life.      

Limited Number of Participants for Personal Attention

Reserve your place for this in-depth series of workshops. 

If you have already received the Angels and Spiritual Communication Consultation (1001), you can experience another in-depth private consultation instead. Otherwise, you pay only $125 US ($155 CAN) for this Communicate with Angels Program (deducting the consultation). 

Communicate With Angels Program Without Consultation 

$125 US 

Exploring Inner Dynamics Workshop

(Communicate with Angels, Live Your Purpose Workshop #1)

Sunday, July 30, 2017

11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM Irl/UK

3 1/2 hours 

  • Raise and Tune Your Energy. Be buffered from negativity and outside pressures that can throw you off your path. 
  • Receive insights directly from your angels. You will be amazed at how easy it is and can do it every day to connect consciously with your angels. 
  • Your life plan: How the pieces fit together with your early years, parents, team of angels and your environment. It's all helped to create who you are today. See the connections and how you can go further with your life plan. 
  • Practice spiritual communication techniques. Notice and use the clear insights from within you and from your angels. You will be in the right place at the right time more often.   
  • Receive lessons to work with in the workshop. Use the tools and techniques that are provided in your everyday life. 
  • Exploring Inner Dynamics Workshop 

    3 1/2 hours: $55 US 

    Exploring Inner Dynamics Workshop 

    3 1/2 hours: $69 CAN 

    Angels and Inner Communication 

    Private Consultation (1001) 


    Discover important keys about your inner guidance or angels, your four gifts of communication and your personal energy. A few highlights:

    • How many angels you have on your personal team 
    • Where you will tend to feel them when they come around you (chills). 
    • Discover how many angels you are working with already.
    • Know if these angels were males or females in their last incarnation on earth.  
    • Clarify how you communicate with your spiritual helpers (inner seeing, feeling, knowing, hearing). 
    • Ask your own questions of your angels and receive answers.

    You will never be the same once you do this private consultation. You can communicate with your angels anytime. 

    The consultant receives these insights from the angels and reviews what it means with you.  

    Time: 1 Hr   Arranged by appointment and done by on-line Video Conference or in-person

    Cost for 1001 Private Consultation: $95 US

    Special Package Price: 

    1001 Private Consultation & the above Connect with Angels Full Program: $195 US  ($245 CAN)  


    1001 Private Consultation and the above Connect with Angels Course # 1: $125 US ($155 CAN)

    Package Price for the Private 1001 Consultation and the Full Connect With Angels Program: $195 US  

    Register with a major credit card or using Pay Pal. 

    Package Price for the Private 1001 Consultation and the Connect With Angels Course #1: $125 US 

    Guarantee: If you are not satisfied within 30 days of completing the Communicate with Angels, Live Your Purpose Program, let us know by email. You will be refunded the amount you paid for the courses.

    If you did the Communicate with Angels, Live Your Purpose Five Part Series Plus the Private Consultation, you will receive a refund of $110.  

    If you did the private Consultation and the Communicate with Angels Course #1, you will be refunded $40.

    The above figures are in US currency.  

    There is no refund for the Angels and Spiritual Gifts Private Consultation once you receive it.  

    The Connect with Angels Program and the Private Angels and Gifts Consultation (1001) can be done separately or as a package. 

    The Private Angels and Gifts Consultation can be scheduled before or after the Connect with Angels Program. 

    Know Yourself and Your Angels As You Unfold Your

    Four Spiritual Gifts of Communication 

    Angels and Inner Communication Consultation (1001)  

     Can be done as a package with the Connect with Angels Program or it can be done separately   

    Keys about your inner guidance or angels, your four gifts of communication, personal energy. The consultant receives these keys for you from the angels.

    Know how you communicate with your spiritual helpers, than you ask your own questions and receive answers. You will never be the same once you do this. You know you can communicate with your angels anytime. 

    Time: 1 Hr

    Cost: $95 US  ($120 CAN)

    Cost: $95 US

    Provided by ALC Certified Consultants.

    Private Consultations are non-refundable. 

    Cost: $120 CAN

    You can also package the 1001 Angels and Gifts Consultation with all or parts of the Connect with Angels/Live Your Purpose Program (See Above)  

    Email or call if you have questions.

    E-mail: support@spiritualgrowthkeys.com

    Call: 888 248-GUIDES (TOLL FREE) or 888-248-4843

    From outside North America: 001 647 992-8950

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