Psychic Awareness: Your Ten Keys 

Psychic Awareness: Your Days Are Better 

Imagine how much better life is when your days are up and you are able to savour the delights and fun of living. That’s what happens when you listen to your inner or psychic awareness. The word psychic comes from the Greek “psychikos”, which means of the soul, or breath of God. We are all psychic.   

Increasing your inner awareness can improve the quality of your life. Not only does your psychic sensitivity make life easier, it’s also a lot of fun learning to be more connected clearly within! Have you known who was on the phone before you answered it? Have you had a feeling that you followed and it helped you? We all have many psychic impressions daily. The trick is to notice and use these insights when it's best.      

Keep reading for the 10 keys to increase your psychic awareness. Included in these keys are a few key questions to help sharpen this inner radar. 

When we relax and pay attention to our inner sensitivity, we can be forewarned of events or mishaps. Even seemingly small occurrences may have overall meaning. Little inklings or experiences can inform or warn us of events that are about to happen. This can help us be more prepared.  

Psychic Awareness Key #1

Know You Are Already A Sensitive Being 

Realize how sensitive we are to other people and the environment. Our psychic senses work against us when we pick up and absorb, without realizing it, feelings and thoughts that are not our own. Much of the stress we take on in life isn’t our own, but part of the sea of thoughts and feelings in our world. 

Have you ever wandered into a room and suddenly felt tense, or cranky? Pretty soon, you might be feeling that way, too. Can you see how untrained sensitivity can create stress and cause troubles? Mastering your clear psychic sensitivity results in having it work for you, not against you.. 

Psychic Awareness Key #2: Balance Your Head
And Heart  

Put your logical mind in its place—as a gatherer of facts and information, an organizer and director.

When you over-analyze, you cut off your clear psychic senses. Maintaining a balance of head and heart means you live from the Real You, your deeper values and true desires. 

In other words lead with your inner feelings and then organize what’s needed to act on them. For example, maybe you had a feeling or impression about something and jumped into action too soon? You did not take the time to determine the proper timing or ways to organize the situation for the best outcome.

Our lives flow nicely when we are in the smooth rhythm of feeling, thinking and acting. Listening to our hunches happens effortlessly. Learn more about balancing the head and heart   

Psychic Awareness Key #3: Understand   Your Spiritual Or Psychic Senses

Recognize that your sensitivity works in a certain way. You can call this your four ways of perceiving life psychically or four spiritual gifts. 

Understanding how these four communication abilities work within you will increase your inner sensitivity. 

Your psychic perceptions are: 

  1. Inner knowing or prophecy where you have a knowing or sense the future easily 
  2. Clairaudience or inner hearing where you receive thoughts and ideas without people telling you anything 
  3. Clairvoyant or inner seeing where you have visions about people and situations 
  4. Clairsentience or healing where you have feelings and sensations about situations and people

Each of us has an order to these four spiritual or psychic gifts, with the first one being the most important. 

The workshops, webinars and consultations offered on this website give you an opportunity to understand the four perceptions more deeply and improve them within you. 

Note: You can receive a private consultation and learn the order of your four spiritual gifts and how to tune into your clear psychic sensitivity. For more information on private consultations. 


Psychic Awareness Key #4: Avoid Being Judgmental

Get yourself out of the way so that you can view situations with more detachment and clarity. This means doing your best not to allow any prevailing attitudes, strong likes and dislikes or biases get in the way of your clear psychic impressions. 

Being judgmental of yourself and others cuts off your sensitivity. The more inner healing you do, the greater your clarity in interpreting and using your hunches. 

Psychic Awareness Key #5: Practice and Consistence Expands Your Iinner Awareness 

Like anything, you need to practice and be consistent with using your psychic senses. The webinars and Inner Mastery Program offered on this web site can help you expand your positive sensitivity. 

Being part of a consistent technique series is a key because you practice and make it a part of your life. If you are already using your clear psychic sensitivity, you can go deeper. 

Having other people to work with is helpful as you learn from each other. Plus—it’s fun! 

Psychic Awareness Key #6: Reduce Confusion
And Stress

While listening to your sensitivity takes practice and consistent effort, it is also hard to do under pressure or when confused. So try this: evaluate ways to minimize stress and confusion.  

One way is make sure you are organized with the facts (what, when, where, and why) before moving into action. Another tip is to have a buffer to stay more relaxed and tuned in. A buffer can be allowing more time to arrive at appointments or having people help when you are involved in a difficult project. There are many ways you can be more buffered from outer pressure and stress.  

As you practice these keys you will be more tuned into your psychic senses. This means you will have more of the clear facts from your feelings which cuts through the confusion.  

Do not give up on yourself in making changes towards a more relaxed and confusion free life.  

Psychic Awareness Key #7: Why am

I doing what I am doing? 

Clear motives are fundamental in using our inner sensitivity. When our motives are positive, we receive more help from the Universe, Cosmos, God, Angels, or however you define this higher connection. 

Ask yourself: “Why am I doing what I am doing?”

Is it  because you were trained that way from childhood? Are you doing for yourself or for others? To impress? To rebel?

On the other hand, are you coming from your good, kind, loving inner being that starts with you and spreads to those around you? Are you motivated by learning and growing as the soul you are?

Psychic Awareness Key #8: Trust clear impressions 

Trust is hugely important in unfolding your inner awareness. When you take time to be relaxed and tuned in, you can receive “right-on” insights whenever you need them. Trust them and don’t doubt that first impression or feeling. With trust in yourself, you avoid talking yourself out of your inner inklings. 

Psychic Awareness Key #9:

Don’t get stuck in your ways

Remain open to new experiences, ideas and ways of approaching life, and you will naturally increase the number of clear and accurate hunches you receive. Our answers and insights can often come in ways and from people we least expect it.  

Psychic Awareness Key #10: Regroup

Take time daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to regroup your life, your progress, goals and timing. This inner reflection allows you to view the strides you are making. You may not be aware of what you are  gaining from your life.

What are the lessons you are learning? What are you enjoying about your experiences? Taking time to answer questions like these periodically will help you stay on track and get more from each day. 

Getting away from your every day environment with trips, vacations, and personal or spiritual growth workshops gives your psychic awareness a major boost. 

When we listen to our clear sensitivity, we can avoid negative situations, pitfalls, and focus on solutions. We will have more days living in our groove and feeling good!

With expanded clear sensitivity we gain new hope. We boost our enthusiasm and love for life, and positive feelings about ourselves and the world around us! 

Let us know your progress….

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