Raise Your Vibration 
Here’s Seven Keys To Increasing Your Vibe!

When you raise your vibration everyone around you will eventually need to raise theirs, if they want to continue being with you compatibly and comfortably. That’s just how energy works. They more we can identify and heal the areas that dim our inner light, the freer we are and higher our vibration. 

You can raise your vibration, sometimes in an instant! Yes, you can do it. 

Isn’t it great being with people who give us a lift just by being around them? What a gift to the world are those individuals who inspire us, who fire our enthusiasm, joy and love! If you admire those individuals for those qualities, you have those qualities, too, or you wouldn’t be able to see it in them. You just need to focus on and unfold them. 

Let’s look at seven keys to evolving your unique energy pattern….

1: Remain connected within and to your clear, high, loving beingness. 

Remaining connected within takes practice, consistency and sincerity with self. Your clear, high, loving self is the real you. Anything outside of that is not. 

You may already have ways to stay connected within. You can remain connected and raise your vibration by giving the mind a rest and implementing constructive habits that keep you on your pivot point. That way, you are less likely to get thrown off. 

Habits to being connected within vary, and include everything from a good night's sleep, deep breathing, meditation, leaving stressfull situations and doing something that brings you much fulfillment, fun and joy. 

2: Clarify your big picture: you are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. 

You do not have a soul, you are a soul. You have a physical body and it’s a temporary vehicle. You, a soul, or energy, are eternal. Many people know this as an idea or belief, but how many know themselves as a limitless energy?

When you view your life from your broader picture of simply being a soul, you automatically raise your vibration. That bigger picture is embedded in your beingness.  It radiates when you relax and tune in. 

When you live as the soul you are, life has great meaning. You are enthusiastic about your opportunity to have a body on planet earth. See the stick figure to the left. This image represents a soul (the oval above) that is connected to, and feeds energy into the physical body.    

3: Ensure that you are spiritually clear, or cleansed, and buffered from thoughts and feelings that are not yours. 

We are all highly sensitive individuals, picking up thoughts and ideas throughout the day that are not our own. What does it mean to be “spiritually cleansed”? It means we are our true nature, which is goodness and kindness, feeling relaxed and one with all things. We are attuned to our inner guidance or angels, and alert to their insights and inspiration. 

We offer specific techniques that can help you raise your vibration. It's being more cleansed and clear so you become more attuned to the highest sources of inspiration. 

4. Implement a routine of regularly regrouping your life, or taking stock before moving to the next steps

Have you ever worked on a team where its leader just seemed to know when it was time to pull everyone together and regroup the status of projects, the morale of the team and what could be done to make things better? We need to apply that same regrouping to ourselves personally. 

Daily, weekly or yearly we can regroup by asking ourselves: 

  • What did I accomplish?
  • What did I learn?
  • What was my highlight?
  • What can I do differently moving forward? 

Taking stock like this helps you see situations more clearly and how you can do better next time. Immediately, you raise your vibration. 

5. Ensure that you have 

fun and enjoy

the journey 

Taking the attitude “not to sweat the small stuff” and “it’s no big deal” helps keep us in a bigger picture of living and away from pettiness and trivia. We avoid creating drama out of what is really “no big deal” and we get over those inevitable lumps and bumps much faster. We also unfold resilience. 

So keep in mind key number two: You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. You are passing through planet earth on your journey. You are here to learn and to grow. You can do it the hard way or the enjoyable way. It is up to you. 

Ensure that you enjoy your journey. There’s no shortage of fun, enjoyable activities, but to start music is a natural vibration lifter. So is taking a good walk, exercise, fun activities or projects to accomplish something for you and others. 

6. Take opportunities for “outflow” and sharing

To outflow means to communicate, to give of yourself, preferably unconditionally and without hooks. Outflow and sharing with others is a vibration booster that also opens us to new understandings about ourselves. Ideally, you want a balance of inflow (taking things in, listening, absorbing) and outflow (giving, sharing and communicating to others).

Have you ever observed someone leaving home after an illness cold or flu to join a fun, social circle of light laughter and conversation and then becoming healed and feeling better? It’s because they had an opportunity for “outflow” with others. 

For many people, a solution to feeling down or depressed is to seek opportunities for outflow and sharing. This could mean volunteering, seeking out friends and family or just having a chat with a person you feel you can trust.

If you do not feel you have a trusted circle of friends and family, take a look around you. No doubt there is someone — at least one person — who has your back. Choose those who provide moral support wisely and judiciously. 

7. Clarify and Live your Unique Life Purpose.

We are here to learn and grow in this school of planet earth and share with others. We help ourselves and each other when we interact with different people and states of consciousness.

We each have certain lessons to learn and areas of life to master.  We also have all the help we need to accomplish our purpose. You may call this help your inner guidance, angels, God or other words or beliefs. What’s important is tuning into your inner being and your spiritual guidance whatever you call it.      

Take time to understand and unfold these seven keys. You can tune into one key each day and see how you can live it more as you go through the day. You can do this in the morning, take breaks during the day, or in the evening (whatever works for you).  

Review your day and get a sense of how it went. You can use the regrouping technique covered in key 4 to look at what you did, what you learned, your highlight and what you will do differently. When you regroup regularly you will automatically raise your vibration.  

These keys are interconnected and build on each other. As you use them, or may be working with them already, you will become more aligned with your purpose and the specific lessons you are learning.

You will understand why certain situations are unfolding in your life the way they are. You will know your direction.

The best way to raise your vibration is by living your purpose. The more you are in your niche, the greater the sense of inner peace, joy and fulfillment.  

How much are you using these seven keys? Maybe you have found more ways to know and live in your unique niche. 

You are welcome to share what you have discovered about clarifying and living your purpose or about these keys and related topics on our Facebook Page. We all help each other.  

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