Spiritual Being or Soul

The real you or spiritual being is a good, kind, loving individual.

You experience your soul nature in many ways. When you are at ease and connected within, you can see a glow around a person. This glow is the human aura, and it is the energy emanating from the soul, the real spiritual being.

You can experience techniques to unfold your visual abilities so you can see auras easily. You also can feel this energy when you are relaxed and open.

Feeling this soul energy is one of the techniques experienced in our live on-line programs. See the bottom of this webpage for the next webinar event.

Starting Out Expressing Your Spiritual Being

We experience this soul nature with babies. A newborn’s communication is mainly from feeling and feeling is the language of the soul. A baby communicates so well feelings of joy, happiness, hunger or discomfort. Babies are souls experiencing their feelings and sensations; they do not yet communicate ideas—just feelings. 

Babies have not yet developed their intellectual nature, which helps focus, interpret, organize and direct these feelings. Yet, babies are able to communicate feelings without words.

They share their feelings by sounds, facial expressions and actions. Before long the baby learns to crawl, speak words, play and share.

If these souls grow up in nurturing, positive and loving environments, they can remain connected to their true inner being.

They can learn to do what’s needed in their outer world while remaining in tune with their soul being. They are able to express their loving nature, their desires and dreams.

Being the Real You - More or Less 

Children are influenced by both the positive and not-so-helpful thoughts and habits from their early environment, especially from parents or whoever raised them.

Studies in childhood development speak to the degree that children are influenced by their early environment or how much their personality and behaviors are based on their own inner nature. In addition to our environmental influences, souls also incarnate with their own innate qualities.

We can learn to free ourselves from early programming that holds us back and build on those innate qualities that live within the the real us—good, kind, loving people. The more we understand and connect with our true soul nature, the more we know and can build upon our qualities, talents and wisdom.

This website and its programs provide keys about your spiritual being from birth to death and beyond.

Spiritual Helpers, Guides, Angels 

You also have help to be and do what you are here for. This is your inner guidance, angels, or they are called by other names. This help that people have is discussed on other pages of this website and in e-News articles (see above to sign up for the Inner Living e-News) or attend live webinars. 

Outer Influences

Young children absorb concepts that can limit them from being and expressing their true inner nature. This is because they have not yet developed their intellectual nature to act as a filter.

They may not know enough yet to say "no", this is bull or when to avoid a situation or certain people. The result can be living a life learned from their outer world rather than living as their good kind loving souls they are inside. 

You experience your true self when you go beyond limited thinking and attitudes that you may have picked up along the way. Sometimes, these thoughts may be subconscious.

A key part of spiritual maturity is knowing and living from your own thoughts and feelings rather than the influence of the outside world.

Being a Spiritual Being with a Body
Your Good Kind Sharing Being 

This exercise will give you a deeper feeling for your spiritual beingness. Have a paper and pen ready and find a relaxed location, free of distractions.

Read these instructions first.

Take in some deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Shrug your shoulders to make a conscious effort to relax. 

Repeat these deep breathes a few times as you say this statement quietly to yourself:

“I am a Soul with a Body, not a Body with a Soul.”

See what comes to you. You may just feel more peaceful. Or, you may recall a related experience, or a word, phrase, pictures, or whatever pops into your conscious mind. Go with whatever comes.

After a minute or two, or in the time that feels right for you, open your eyes and write down what came to mind.

Evaluate what it means. What does it have to do with you? Was there  an experience that came to mind?

Regroup the exercise. Ask yourself: "What did I learn from this exercise or about myself as a spiritual being?” If nothing particular comes at this time, it may be just a matter of learning to relax and tuning in more.

As you open up your spiritual communication, you will:

  • have a deeper sense of you as a spiritual being with a body
  • clarify your bigger picture
  • avoid many of the pitfalls of life on planet earth
  • be more aware of learning and growing as a soul
  • enjoying your stay on planet earth
  • return to your true home when you cut the silver cord.

Spirituality & Practical Tools

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