Spiritual Connection
Connect With Your Clear Spiritual Being and Inner Guidance, God, Angels*    
with Patrick Kilhenny and Estelle Small

* whoever you feel is on the other end of the line               

You may have heard that you can not find outside youself what you have not already unfolded within. You can not find love, happiness, abundance, fulfillment, peace with anyone or anything outside you, until you connect with this in you. 

The more you connect within, the more you will have a true sense of your own purpose and direction in life. You will feel more connected with others and your world. An important part of these meetings (online or in communities) is to open up your clear inner connection or spiritual communication. 

Your Four Gifts of Communication

You have four spiritual communication abilities of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy, and Feeling. You communicate thru these inner perceptions with your Inner Guidance, God, Angels or whatever you feel you connect with.

This is non-dogmatic spirituality with people of many different backgrounds and beliefs. People have their own answers, as they open up their inner connection. With practice, you can unfold your inner communication to receive the clear insights you need, when you need them. 

Tools are available online, thru this website and in a number of communities in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK. These help you unfold your clear inner communication and accelerate your spiritual development at the pace that you feel is best.

These include live spirituality webinars, online spirituality groups and Meetups in many cities.  These give participants a chance to regroup and practice techniques in a step by step manner. 

Thousands of people have learned to connect  with their clear spiritual being and use this since 1964. These programs are sponsored by the Inner Peace Movement Programs. IPM International is a non-profit educational organization that helps people to connect within and live the lives they have come  to planet earth for.  

For people at different levels of spiritual unfoldment

People who are already connecting with their clear spirit, may find they can unfold further. They often discover new ways to learn, grow and accomplish what they truly desire.

There are also opportunities to share and pass on to others what they have learned. 

Your life will flow more easily

In these online or community programs (done as Spirituality Meetups in a number of cities), you learn to buffer yourself from the outer pressures and negativity as you open up within. You can stay relaxed and feel good with outer challenges or even in the middle of a storm.  

You make it a habit to maintain your mental and physical state of well being and this clear inner connection. By communicating with your inner spirit and your spiritual guidance, you will be in your niche and doing what you feel is best. 

You don’t need to suffer or go thru the school of hard knocks. You will be spending a long time searcing outside yourself if you have not taken time to first unfold this within you.

With this inner connection you work closely with your Inner Guidance and avoid the pitfalls and stress. You clarify your own unique direction and you will be on your path, doing what is best. This ultimately gives you a sense of deep fulfillment.

Not just more information and talk

You can read many books about spirituality, inner guidance, and related topics, but the techniques and exercises that are part of these Spirituality Meetups and online groups show you how to use this in your life…at home, in the office, and wherever you go.

What a difference when you make it a habit to consistently have this clear inner connection.  

You can be calm cool and connected within or, be stressed and have an overly busy mind that cuts off this inner communication. It is just a matter of understanding and practice.

Connecting within ourselves and            with others  

It feels great to get together with people who are connecting within and making spirituality a practical way of life. This is for individuals of all backgrounds who often find a common ground with other inner connected people.    

Feel the clear and higher energy at these meetings. Sometimes people begin the meetings feeling outer pressure from their day. Before long, however, they are feeling connected and have solutions for whatever is happening in their lives.  

With practice and using techniques in these meetings, this becomes a habit to stay connected within each day. What a difference this makes! People have more enthusiasm and a sense of what they really need to be doing. Other people naturally want to be around them. 

You are welcome to attend the next free online seminar on Spirituality, Four Gifts of Inner Communication and Living Your Purpose. 

Live Online Internet Seminar

Or In-Person Programs

Spiritual Connection, Inner Communication and Your Life Purpose. 

We are having both the person to person, and the online programs. 

This free, online Spiritual Connection, Inner Communicatioin, and Living Your Purpose Webinar is May 2 at 2:30PM EST or 8PM EST. 

See a bigger picture of you, your inner communication and how to use this to help yourself and others.

Have more of a feeling of oneness within yourself and with others you are here to be with. 

Become more aware of seeing, listening to, feeling or knowing your clear and helpful insights. It just takes some understanding and practice.

In the online Webinar, you’ll find out: 

  About your four inner senses: clairaudience, clairaudience, prophecy, and feeling.

 Feel more connected with your real inner being.  You have more of a sense of oneness with others (and they with you). 

 How to notice and use your clear insights so that life flows more smoothly. Know what opportunities will be best, who you need to spend time with, etc. 

  By developing your inner communication, intuition (whatever you call it), you will be in the right place doing what is best. 

  You are using your inner communication already and may not realize it. We unconsciously “take in” deeper insights all the time, i.e. we move to a new place we feel good about or we know that the casserole is done in the oven.  

  How your inner sensitivity, or ESP can work against you or how you can help make it work for you. 

  Find out how you can use your extrasensory perception more often in business, for personal relationships and to fulfill your unique mission in life. 

 You attract people and many situations in life based on your state of consciousness. As you clarify your state of mind, you will create a new world for yourself. 

  You will also be able to tap into the positive energy of the universe, whatever you beliefs may be, God, Collective Unconscious, Spiritual Guidance, etc.

  Be prepared to discover how easy developing this inner connection can be. There are practical tools to help you do this. 

 There are online or the in-person programs in certain locations. Find out more about this in the upcoming live Webinar and register here:

Thur, May 2, 2:30PM US EST, 7:30PM Dublin, London

Click:  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/907380734


Thur, May 2,  8PM US EST, 10AM, Fri. Sydney, Australia

Click:  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/139514406

The above link you choose will take you to Go To Meeting, an online leader in Webinars. Once you register, you will be sent the access information for how to do this online meeting on either your computer or by phone.

Your contact information is secure and is never given or sold to others.

The next live Person to person Presentation on Spiritual Connection, Inner Communication will be:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 1PM or 7PM

Courtyard by Marriott Aventura Mall 2825 N.E. 191st ST. Aventura, Florida 33180


The program is for 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours

Fee is $10 (at the door). 

The next live person to person presentation on Spiritual Connection, Inner Communication and Life Purpose will be:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 1 PM or 7 PM

Courtyard by Marriott Aventura Mall 2825 N.E. 191st ST. Aventura, Florida 33180


The program is for 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours

Fee is $10 (at the door). 

There are other cities where these programs are held in the US, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Here is a list of places in the US with Certified IPM Consultants: 

Tucson, Arizona; Berkley, California; Boynton Beach, Florida; Albany, Georgia; Des Moines, Iowa, Osceola, Iowa; Lawrence, Kansas; Manhattan, Kansas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; North Arlington, New Jersey; New York, New York; Albuquerque, New Mexico;  Portland, Oregon; Norfolk, Virginia; Roanoke, Virginia; Two Rivers, Wisconsin

For more details and other countries:

email: support@SpiritualGrowthKeys.com 

 call:  917 328-895 or 800 ss6-8008 

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Following her inner communication and inner guidance is a way of life for Estelle Small, who has many years experience leading lectures, workshops and private consultations on inner communication and living one's true purpose.

A former journalist and government senior policy advisor, Estelle's life path includes many experiences and using the techniques that are presented in these programs to help in all areas of her personal and business life.

She has a deep appreciation for having a spiritual connection within her self and bring this out in her own life….the love, peace, joy, and  solutions to the challenges she has faced. She is married, travels often, and calls Florida and Ontario, Canada her home.

Patrick Kilhenny has lectured internationally for 25 years on inner communication and googn for what he felt heneeded to be dong. He has been sharing his message in media throughout the US, Canada and Europe.


A former nuclear engineer, he learned to balance his intellect and feelings nature to clearly connect within himself and with his spiritual guidance. What a difference this has made in his personal and business life to have this spiritual connection.


He often says: "Anyone who wants can have a clear, two-way communication within themselves and inner guidance. What a differenceit makes.”

He is married and often holds programs with his partner, Estelle.