Spiritual Inventory  
Experiencing the Cycle of Age 49 - 56
By Patrick Kilhenny

A continuing series on the Seven-Year Cycles takes us to the Spiritual Inventory years. You will see the importance of the soul taking stock without judgement of itself. 

For more about the overall Seven Year Cycles of life, visit here.  Each cycle builds on the previous cycles when a person senses their inner being.

For instance, in the previous two cycles to Spiritual Inventory, a person often learns lessons related to spiritual and material abundance. Let's do a quick recap of the previous two cycles leading up to Spiritual Inventory.

Cycle of Spiritual Abundance: 35 - 42

During age 35 to 42, a person who follows his or her inner senses will learn the deeper lessons, such as being a soul with a physical body. They will often experience being a soul first and foremost vs. living as a body with a soul. 

During this time, many people take time to look at what their lives are really all about. They may begin to live from their inner and what they are here to do. They may also learn not to make the things on planet earth too big a deal. It is all a means to an end. 

When people connect within more, they sense they are passing through the physical world for a relatively short time in their overall existence. They have a reason to be here, such as learning certain lessons.  

Planet earth is a school, a great place to go further on our journey by being involved. We can enjoy the experience and get the most out of the years we are here, but it is not our true home. We may come to know this during the Spiritual Abundance Cycle. 

As a person unfolds this bigger picture, we understand more clearly who we are and our opportunity to have a physical body on planet earth. We can make the most of this opportunity as we learn from our experiences.

This is especially true as we open up our inner communication, intuition, ESP, inner smarts or whatever you call it. This inner connection provides a clear sense of what is best to be do, when to do it and how to do it. 

Cycle of Physical Abundance: 42 - 49

In this cycle of ages 42 to 49, people can often learn more about the other side of abundance, the physical. They may place more emphasis on taking care of themselves in the physical sense, helping others and providing their service.   

We can enjoy the physical world and its abundance. The key is not to get caught up in it, but to keep a bigger picture. We can't take it with us, but we can enjoy and use it for what we feel is best. 

By clarifying what we need to learn in these two cycles (35 to 49), we put ourselves in a position (physically and spiritually), to gain the most from the next cycle: Spiritual Inventory. 

Spiritual Inventory: Age 49 to 56

The cycles can play out differently for people, 

The Seven-Year Cycles are inner tendencies that people can live in various ways. Some people's timing can be earlier or later with these cycles of life. 

When a person is tuned into their true inner being, they feel the influence of these cycles. They can use this sense to help themselves and others on their journey. The key is following what one feels inside during these different periods. 

If one does not connect within, and does not heed their inner rhythms, they can feel pressure as they move through the years, and that pressure can build. These natural cycles are encouraging them to take a look at various aspects of themselves and what they are doing here. 

About the Cycle of Spiritual Inventory 

This period of 49 to 56 is a time to take stock and regroup your life experiences. As you see from the previous cycles, people who tune in tend to be more spiritually and physically abundant by this cycle. 

When a person sees themselves from this perspective, they are more relaxed and can look at their lives from a deeper, more meaningful viewpoint.

They can truly understand, know, see or have a feeling (the four inner communication abilities), for what they have been doing throughout their life. They are able to clarify the lessons from their experiences. 

Often times a person does not realize what he or she really is, as a soul or spiritual being. Wherever you are now is fine. The key is to evaluate from your clear feelings and not to judge yourself.    

That is what life on planet earth is about, to discover and connect with the Real You. This is especially the case by the time you reach the middle age cycles.   

As you discover the truth about the Real You and your inner guidance, you will be encouraged to go deeper. Why not discover who you are, a soul? You will want to continue further on your journey and do more.   

This evaluation that takes place in the Inventory Cycle gives you a chance to see patterns in your life and connect the dots of your experiences. Perhaps you are already seeing there is a reason you have been involved in what you have been doing so far, and where you are heading. 

You may also be experiencing and connecting on a deeper level with your spiritual guidance to help you on your journey.   

Many people have been conditioned to overly focus on the outer world and not their true inner being. This is what happened to me in my earlier years and for a good part of my life. 

As you open your inner communication, however, you will see ways to balance your inner and outer worlds. You will find you can bring out more of your true inner desires in your life. 

Once you make the decision to do what you feel you truly want to accomplish, you will have lots of spiritual backing to do it. It is mainly a matter of doing what you can and staying tuned into your guidance for their help.  

It is important to take time to be buffered and relaxed so you stay connected within yourself and avoid being thrown off your path. This will help you have the answers and direction in life that's best for you.

Note: The online or community programs available though this website begin with spiritual cleansing techniques. These programs help you stay more clearly connected with your own spiritual being even in a stressful outer world.  

They also provide an opportunity to meet with other people who are interested in connecting within and living their purpose. 

My experiences with these cycles   

Sometimes I did follow what I felt inside, although in my earlier years I listened to my intellect and the outer information too much. Fortunately I followed a feeling I had to move to Hawaii when I was 20. 

I was an engineer at the time and was used to working with hard facts. Later I discovered that I could balance the inner facts of what I felt, with outer information. 

In my 20s, I was not sure how it would turn out, but it felt like I needed to get out and experience life. Later I discovered this was the Cycle of Getting Out of the Nest: 21 - 28 and experiencing life.

It was quite an adventure and has continued to be this way, especially when I started more and more to follow what I felt inside. 

Many interesting experiences seemed to lead me on my path. Later in my 30s (the Spiritual Abundance cycle), I began to open up my inner communication more consciously. I was starting to believe there was a purpose to it all. I also began to believe that I was receiving some help along the way.

Assistance and breaks tended to come at the times when I needed them most. There were many situations when I met the right people and found helpful opportunities. I even had a person come and rescue me at sea one night.

I was stuck in a motor boat off of Oahu, Hawaii with an engine that quit. If it was not for another boat that just happened to come by late at night, I might not be here today. 

I had other experiences over the years and have come to find out that I was indeed receiving some assistance. I even learned that I could connect consciously with my inner guidance, guides, or angels (whatever you prefer to call this).

Note: There is a private one-on-one session that you can schedule to connect with your inner guidance or angels. This can be done online or in areas where there are Certified ALC consultants. Contact us for details. 

Through my 30s and 40s I learned to open up in a spiritually cleansed and clear step-by-step way (in the practice technique sessions). It was not just about opening up my sensitivity, but I also needed to know how to be spiritually cleansed so I connected with a clear source. 

I discovered that when I was not clear in my thinking, I would attract confusion and negativity. On the other hand, when I was spiritually cleansed I felt good, and had the answers that I needed, when I needed them. It was easier to communicate with my inner guidance. 

I used techniques to tune in to this higher source and buffer myself from the stress and pressure of the outer world. This allowed me to keep this inner connection.

It took practice to do this. I learned these techniques in a practice group when I was in my 30s. These are still offered today in certain communities or online. 

Over time I learned to stay more cleansed and clear. Then I knew I could trust my inner communication. I use these techniques in many ways to help myself and others.

I travel quite a bit and I always connect with my inner guidance and get a feeling for the places that are best for me to be. I usually meet the people with whom I have a connection. They are interested in what I have to share and it works out incredibly well. I usually learn valuable lessons. 

It's great the way my life has been going. I know I keep getting help to be in the right place at the right time. If you have come to this website maybe you have been inspired, too, by your sensitivity and Inner Guidance. 

I hope to have a chance to meet you. Together we can get more out of these Cycles of Life. Additional articles and web pages on these topics will be posted on this website. 

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