Connect with Angels Weekend

January 23 and 24, 2016

Toronto, Ontario

Imagine being a part of a weekend getaway where everyone is working with their angels, receiving insights, being enlightened and enjoying their clear feelings against the backdrop of a beautiful location. 

This is a relaxed, fun, and inspiring event. If you are traveling to Toronto and plan to stay over for the weekend (or longer), we will send you suggestions on accommodations. Please let us know your desire to attend as soon as you can, since many hotels fill up. 

A weekend for connecting clearly with your angels.  

Experience a crystal clear watering hole of energy. Tune into your angels and renew your sense of purpose. Meet kindred individuals who are following their dreams and inner desires. 

This dedicated Connect with Angels Weekend runs Friday evening, Jan. 22 (a social get-together) to Sun., Jan. 24, 2016 at 6 PM. You can attend all or parts of the program.  

Location: Assembly Hall Cultural Centre,  1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, Toronto, Ontatio M8V 4B6 Canada  

The conference will include a variety of courses and a private angel consultation. There are many practical techniques to connect with your angels, such as automatic writing, exploring your sea of tranquility, receiving inspiration from spirit all while deepening your relationship with your angels.

Attending a dedicated “angel” weekend can give you practical techniques for everyday use. It is energizing to mingle with others who are already working closely with their angels, or those who are learning to do so.

Note that the Sunday portion of the program Speaking and Writing by Angels includes a private consultation to know your angels and learn how you communicate with them (inner seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing). You also ask the angels your own questions and receive answers! Once you register for the Sunday program, this one-hour consultation is arranged (online or in-person). 

This video highlights the relationship we have with our personal team of angels. Unfolding this clear inner connection and living the life we have come here for is the focus of the upcoming Connect with Angels Weekend. 

Weekend Schedule 

Friday, January 22, 2016 - 7:30 PM

Relax and enjoy! Meet others who are interested in connecting with their Angels and being on their inner path. It will be angelic fun! Call or e-mail for details and location for this get-together. It will be in Etobicoke, but not at The Assembly Hall. 

Saturday, January 23 2016 

9 AM TO 12:30PM - Fundamentals of Angel Communication and Your Big Picture 

  • Discover ways to stay more constructive and directed toward what you desire. 
  • Learn to tune yourself to a higher energy and connect with your inner guidance or angels.
  • Practice a technique to know the thoughts and feelings that come from your environment and others. Be clear about what is you and what is not, so you can tune into your inner being and angels. 
  • View a bigger picture of your purpose. 
  • Expand your understanding of angels and their role in your life.
  • Balance your thinking and feelings. Bring out more of the Real You, your enthusiasm, creativity and joy. 

Estelle Small (front middle) holding an Angels Workshop in Cork, Ireland, June 2015

1:30 PM to 3:45 PM - Experience Your Gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Prophecy and Feeling 

  • Learn to attune yourself to a higher energy and be connected more with your inner guidance or angels. 
  • Practice techniques related to each of the four spiritual gifts of communication so you can use them more in your life.  
  • Understand the personality or qualities of these four gifts so you can use the positive aspects more and not be caught in the weaknesses of the gifts. 
  • Best, most fun workshop - ever! 


3:45 to 6:00 PM Guardian Angels: My Source of Inspiration      

  • Clarify your relationship with your team of angels, guides or spiritual helpers.  
  • Expand your understanding of your helpers as your personal board of directors.  
  • Explore your life purpose and the role of your guidance in helping you fulfill it.  
  • Expand your picture of angels and their role in your life.

View of Toronto From Colonel Samuel Smith Park and The Assembly Hall Cultural Center, location for the Connect with Angels Weekend - Jan, 2016 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

10 AM TO 5:30 PM* - Speaking and Writing by Angels  (*with lunch and other breaks) 

  • Creativity and inspiration—that’s this course
  • Experience automatic writing with your angels to receive detailed messages from them
  • Know your angels individually and how each can help you with your unique purpose 
  • Private Consultation to know your angels and how to ask questions and receive answers, anytime!


  • A time is arranged to do your private session before this Sunday course, either in-person or online. 
  • If you have already received the Angels and Gifts Consultation (1001), the Speaking and Writing by Angels Course is $95 US / $120 CAN 



CALL 647 992-8950 (Canada), 917-328-8950 (U.S.)


Fees for the workshops: 

(Click on the program pf your choice


In Canadian Currency

Saturday Courses: 

Fundamentals of Angels Communication and Making Sense of It All - $63 CAN ($70 CAN at the door)

Your Gifts Of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Prophecy, Healing and your Angels - $115 CAN ($123 CAN at the door)  

Sunday Course: 

Sunday Speaking and Writing by Angels Course and Private Consultation - $225 CAN ($240 CAN at the door).

Full Weekend package: for all courses and private Angels and Gifts Consultation when registered ahead - $395 CAN  ($415 CAN at the door).  

In US Currency

Saturday Courses: 

Fundamentals of Angel Communication and Your Big Picture $50 preregistration ($60 at the door),

Your Gifts Of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Prophecy, Healing and your Angels $90 preregistration ($97 at the door) 

Sunday Speaking and Writing by Angels Course and Private Consultation: $179 when preregister or $195 at the door. 

Full Weekend package: $315 for all courses and private Angels and Gifts Consultation when registered ahead. ($335 at the door). 

Reserve your seat and make a date to connect clearly with your angels. Click on the program that you want to attend to register.     

For Information, Call:  

353 083 142 7298 (Ireland)

917-328-8950 (U.S)


Note: If you already received the Private 1001 Consultation about Your Angels and Gifts of Communication, the cost for the Speaking and Writing by Angels Course is $120 CAN or $95 US  


For Those Wanting To Stay Over

We have reserved sleeping rooms in the area of the event for those coming to Toronto for this weekend. Let us know ahead if you want one of these hotel rooms. 

You can also check on travel websites, i.e. trip advisor,, etc. Let us know if we can assist. 

Angels and Inner Communication

Private Consultation

Included in the Full Connect with Angels Weekend Package

or Do this Consultation Separately  

Receive a private consultation to know about your own team of angels and learn to communicate with them. 

You'll discover keys about your inner guidance or angels, your four avenues of communication and personal energy. The consultant receives these keys for you from the angels.

You'll learn how to communicate with your spiritual helpers, then you ask your own questions and receive answers. You will never be the same once you do this. You know you can communicate with your angels anytime. 

Time: 1 Hr.

Provided by Americana Leadership College™ Certified Consultants. 

Cost: Included with the above course: Speaking and Writing by Angels. The consultation by alone itself, is $95 US / $120 CAN 

$ 120 CAN 

$95 US

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We respect your privacy and do not share or sell your information.

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The Connect with

Angels Program

is Sponsored by

Inner Peace



and led by

Estelle Small


Patrick Kilhenny 

Estelle Small 

Practical spirituality and Angels are a way of life for Estelle Small, who has many years' experience leading workshops and giving private consultations. 

Estelle's life path includes many angel and intuitive experiences, dating back to childhood.

Through courses and consultations, she shows people how to communicate clearly with their angels and live the life they came to enjoy. She has an appreciation for, and offers practical solutions to the challenges of work-personal life balance.

Patrick Kilhenny 

Patrick Kilhenny has lectured internationally on angel communication, healing and related topics. He shares his message on tours throughout the US, Canada and in Europe. Patrick has often been interviewed for major newspapers and on radio and TV stations over the last 25 years.  

A former nuclear engineer, he learned to balance his intellect and feelings nature to clearly connect within himself and with his spiritual helpers. What a difference this has made in his personal and business life. 

He often says: "Anyone who wants can have a clear, two-way communication with their spiritual guidance or angels and lead the life they are here to experience."

Patrick is married and often holds programs with his partner, Estelle.

Personal Testimonials

"Suspend Your disbelief and try it. It works"   Julia White - Melbourne, Florida


"The information I received has given me confidence to go forward with my dreams. I was able to connect with my angels." Eleanor Martin, Rep. of Ireland 


"After listening to Estelle and Patrick, I tried out what they showed me. It's been wonderful knowing I am receiving insights from my angels. It helps me every day." Francia Yaffe, West Palm beach, Florida


"I was paying $80 to $100 to receive readings from various psychics.  But I was never satisfied.  I realize now what I was really searching for was direct communication with my angels! They know my life purpose better than anyone. Now I have the direction I need."  K. Beasley, Richmond, Virginia        


"Once I began receiving answers from my spiritual helpers, it was a wonderful feeling to know I really had helpers and I was never alone.  I consult with them regularly."  Charles Kealing, Brooklyn, N.Y. 


“Thank you so much for all your inspiration. I have been doing my spiritual cleansing and connecting with my Angels everyday. Lots of great messages.”   Linda Cailes, Collingwood, Ontario    


"I am more centered, clear minded and confident in myself." Diana Gelberg, Boynton Beach, Florida