Spiritual Well Being 

Living from a wellspring of Spiritual Well Being

Society focuses on physical wellness, but spiritual well being is key, and contributes to physical health. When our thoughts and feelings are clear and positive, our energy moves more freely through our physical bodies, revitalizing the physical and keeping our cells healthy. 

Let’s take a look at what’s involved in balancing our physical and spiritual worlds so that we meet our needs for both physical wellness and inner fulfillment.

As souls, we live in two worlds at one time: our physical existence and our spiritual realm, or our thoughts, feelings or energy that we continually emanate. 

Living a deeply spiritual life radiates with full, deep, enthusiastic involvement. It’s like a heart fully beating. 

Living this abundant spiritual life means clarifying and living as the soul we are in our lives. It is a deeper enrichment, a vibrancy and a willingness to give of ourselves and be of service. 

Spiritual wellness means that people give themselves the freedom they need to express their uniqueness to the world. Self-discovery and being inspired by our own growth, originality and inner expansion create a feeling of life being an exciting adventure -- which it is!

How can I create more spiritual well being in my life? To start, by being loyal to myself. True loyalty starts with me, and I cannot be loyal to anything if I am not loyal to myself first. 

In addition, inner sincerity and a desire to growth, overcome bad habits and free myself of confusion all help me grow faster.  Everything comes back to me. 

Living life with the physical and spiritual worlds in balance, I am at peace and feel a sense of well being. Staying connected to my inner guidance or angels is easier. I can still get thrown off, but I have a solid foundation for my return to my true self. 

Signs of spiritual

well being

to build upon:

  • loyalty to self
  • joy
  • enthusiasm 
  • inner freedom 
  • clear, confident decision-making 
  • self-understanding
  • consistence
  • inner discipline with routines that contribute to spiritual wellness 
  • deeper, faster growth
  • patience 
  • self-respect
  • kindness and compassion 
  • inner awareness of our true motivations 
  • sense of humour 
  • tolerance
  • clear communication with my angels 

Those are a few….How many of these were you able to “tick off”? What qualities do you feel contribute to spiritual well being? 

Ultimately, everything in life is spiritual because we are learning, growing and evolving no matter what. If there are troubles in my outer world, they can often be traced to the state of consciousness. Everything starts with me, in the inner and moves out from there. 

If there is something in our state of consciousness we want to change, we can. To make that change, we start by focusing on the best of what we have going for us, and the negative will whittle away as emphasis is placed on the positive. We continually build on what we have, becoming an inspiration to ourselves and perhaps to others. 

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