Spiritual Wellness - Opening the Healing Energy Flow 

Spiritual wellness can be summed up simply: it is knowing that I am an eternal soul who has come to this School of Planet Earth to learn and grow, enjoy my life and live my purpose.  

Wellness in my physical body, in my relationships and overall life starts with my inner wellness or state of mind. Spiritual wellness is being relaxed, peaceful, caring and connected. 

When I am this way in my state of consciousness, it shows in a healthy body and deeper and more meaningful relationships. 

Diagram 1 below depicts the four loyalties.This is a key to understanding spiritual wellness and having more wellness in all aspects of your life. You can look at wellness in these four areas: your state of mind, your physical body, your close relationships, and people you work with and/or are involved with in your community. 

Diagram 1
Spiritual Wellness and the Four Loyalties 

If there are troubles in the outer three loyalties, the body, close relationships or involvement in your community, it can be traced back to your first loyalty or your state of mind. That is where your spiritual wellness begins. 

When I understand and look at wellness from the inside out, I find lasting solutions and avoid wasting time and having more troubles then needed. This happens when I focus too much on the outer.

Spiritual Wellness and the Physical Body 

The connection between my state of mind and my body became clear to me when I experienced this personally. In my later 20s, I had intense lower back pain that came and went. Some days I couldn’t sit down due to pain.  

One day, I had to lie on the floor of my apartment. It was so painful, I ended up in the hospital. To my surprise, the doctor didn’t have much to say. He just gave me a brace to use when the pain became severe.   

Looking for a Lasting Solution 

In retrospect, I am glad the doctor did not give me pain killers (although sometimes they can be helpful), or any medical recommendations. I began to look at spiritual wellness and realized it was the key to my physical health and wellness in other areas of my life. 

Luckily, or maybe I was being guided at that point in my life, I had learned about communicating with my angels, spiritual wellness, and working with concepts that affected my body. I had also learned about my seven chakras and the types of thinking that affects the flow of energy through each of the chakras.  

The lower back area relates to the coccyx chakra, and the concepts involve an individual's wants and goals. It's all about pursuing what you want in life and believing you can achieve it. 

I looked over the chakras and the concepts related to this wants chakra located in the lower back. When I regrouped with my angels what was going on in this area of my life, I realized that I was over doing it with my goals and what I wanted. 

I was trying too hard and applying too much pressure on my wants and goals. I regarded my goals as an end in themselves, instead of a means to an end.  

As a result of that realization, I re-set my goals. I eased up on my timing and let some goals go for the time being. I decided on the main ones that were best to pursue.

My back pain disappeared and physical wellness resumed. I haven’t had back problems since. 

The chakra system or energy centers showed me how certain ways of thinking created wellness. On the other hand, it also demonstrated how I could create stress and trouble for myself.  

Negative thoughts cause tension and pressure. Certain negative concepts influence my relationships and life overall. This limiting thinking reduces the clear, positive energy flowing through my chakras or energy centers. 

The flow of energy in my chakras can be thought of like water in a big pipe. In this case, however, we are talking about the life force that flows from my true being or soul and thru my energy centers or chakras. Depending on my thoughts, I could either open up this healing energy or restrict it. 

Various Backgrounds and Words Used 

People have different beliefs and words they use. We will talk about the Real You or Soul. This is connected with God, Spirit, the All, Universe, Collective Unconscious and other ways people describe it.

It helps to have your own experiences for what is discussed here, instead of a theory of other's beliefs. When you have your experience, you will have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of many important topics in life. 

Techniques are done in the on-line and in-person programs to sense your life energy. See below for more information on the Free webinars or schedule of events in certain locations. 

The flow of energy in each chakra is like a big pipe with a valve. You can open or close the valve for more life energy and wellness.  

The physical body is often the first place where not-so-good thinking shows up, as it puts stress on certain parts of the body. Stress will shut down the flow of life energy in a Chakra. Eventually this results in “dis-ease” or illness. 

When I first heard this, it sounded too simplistic to believe. I had been conditioned by my scientific background (I was an engineer at the time) to believe more in the complicated and look for overly intellectual explanations. 

After I experienced this healing personally, though, and saw how this worked for other people, I became a believer. I realized how much the mind influenced the physical body. It amazed me how certain thought patterns could impact my body.

The Body is the Barometer of the Soul     

                                                                      Francisco Coll

The Seven Chakras, 
Related Areas of the Body
and Concepts Involved

Diagram 2

The Seven Chakras

Here is a listing of the seven chakras, the area of the body that each relates to and the concepts that influence the chakra to open or close the healing energy flow. The numbers of each chakra listed below refer to the chakra chart above.

Each chakra correlates to a certain gland or part of the physical body. The way you think is reflected in that area of the body. 

        Chakra   -     Area of the Body     -   Related Concepts 

1. ACCEPTANCE - Back of the head and shoulders  - This energy center has to do with accepting you as a good kind loving being, accepting others as they are, and what you have received and are receiving from the world and universe.      

2. WANTS - Lower back - Your goals and aspirations. It is taking time to decide on and pursue what you want. It correlates to a feeling that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve. 

3. NEEDS - Reproductive Area - This chakra is about taking care of your needs. There are physical needs such as breathing and eating. There are also spiritual needs like love and doing what you feel you are here to do. 

4. IDENTIFICATION - Solar Plexus - This is having an understanding or identifying what is happening. It is getting the facts that can cut through confusion and fear.   

5. DRIVE -  Heart/Chest- This chakra is your “get up and go” when your energy is flowing. It is enjoying your involvements in life. 

6. RELATING - Thyroid / Throat- Feeling comfortable with people or with situations you are involved with.   

7. OUTFLOW -  Pituitary or Third Eye - Your willingness to share freely and give of yourself. 

Delve more into Healing, the Chakras and Angels in the next live webinar. See below.  

Spiritual Wellness and the Solar Plexus Chakra
Let's take an example of one chakra and look at the 
concept that affects a part of the body. 

One of the chakras many people relate to is the solar plexus or stomach area. When a person lacks understanding about what is happening, this can lead to fear. The result is tension in the solar plexus area.

The adrenal gland is influenced by this chakra. It will secrete adrenalin when there is stress. As the adrenalin goes into the blood stream, it speeds up the heart and the respiratory rate. This prepares a person for “fight or flight”.  

It is an age-old mechanism of self-preservation that humans developed as they evolved. The adrenalin gets the body ready to fight or run away. 

In modern societies people may not face as many wild animals or physical fights (at least in some societies). But when they lack an understanding about what they are faced with, fears can be stimulated. 

You may go into a dark room, wonder what is in the room and feel some fear. You may get a letter from the tax revenue collector and not know what it is about. You may be fearful you will be audited because you possibly missed reporting some income on your tax return. 

The solution or balanced side of this chakra is the ability to identify or understand whatever you are involved with. If you feel tense around the stomach, it may help to take time and get facts about what is going on. When you get the facts (i.e. the what, when, where, why) and understand the situation you are involved in, this chakra becomes more relaxed.  

Can you recall a situation where you felt tense in the area of the stomach and were fearful of something? When you got the facts about what was really happening, it was not a big deal. You felt more relaxed and were able to handle it better.  

Spiritual Wellness and Relationships 

When my chakras are open I am enthusiastic, alive, loving and positive. This is  spiritual wellness. I am the person I am meant to be, accomplishing what I feel  is important to me. I am more connected to the Real Me and other people. 

I know if there are troubles in my state of consciousness, it can show up either physically or in my relationships. By relationships I mean the people I am closest to (loved ones), my friends and the people I work with or am involved with in my community. Again, you can see diagram 1 above for the four loyalties.

Of course, I have days when I am NOT feeling spiritual wellness. I am stressed out or not thinking clearly. You can also call this being confused or missing some of my facts.   

Nowadays, I deal with situations better. If I feel down,  I am quicker to do something about it. I don’t let it continue and cause troubles for myself or others.

solution is take time to tune in and regroup from my overall perspective as a soul on planet earth. Having opened up my inner connection, I have become clearer about facts in many areas of my life starting with my soul nature.  

Key Facts as a Soul 

It can be easy to get caught up in the physical world, be stressed out and close down the chakras. This will tend to show in the outer loyalties (Diagram 1). 

Getting and keeping my facts clear is essential to me. Here are a few important big picture facts I keep in mind: 

  • I am a soul with a body and not a body with a soul.
  • I am here to learn and grow as I pass through planet earth.
  • I have a purpose to accomplish while I am here.
  • I have all the help I need to do what I am here for, i.e. my personal team of angels. 

The more you connect clearly with your inner being and your angels, the more you will have your own overall facts. You will also tend to get the facts in many areas of your life and avoid much of the confusion and troubles.

Your chakras will stay more relaxed. Your relationships will be better within yourself and with others. Many people are looking for the answers out side some where, but it all starts within.  

More solutions and ways to connect within, work with angels, and heal are provided in the Inner Living e-News and in on-line and in-person programs. You may have found useful solutions already when you are feeling outer pressures or negativity.   

In my case, when I became sincere about exploring this mind-body relationship, I realized that I needed to work on me. I began to work on my inner relationship. As I did, my outer relationships improved. 

I began to notice when there was stress in parts of my body or when there were troubles brewing with the people around me. I took time to tune into my clear inner senses and my angels. This helped me to discover what was really happening and a solution that was best.  

Picking Up Outside Energy

People are sensitive beings and can easily pick up the thoughts and feelings from other people or from their environment.  I learned to be more buffered from the other pressures and influences.

There were an assortment of ways I learned, from taking time to relax and regroup, to doing energy techniques, to clearing my state of mind of negativity. 

More often now, I feel the good, kind, loving, true being I am as a soul. I notice the thoughts that pop into my state of mind. I watch out for the ones that can throw off my spiritual wellness. I take action to shift my thinking to more clear, balanced and positive thoughts that allow life energy to flow in each of my chakras. 

As I take time to heal this relationship that I have within me, I meet and attract the people that are best. As I keep my chakras open and stay connected within, I connect with others in the ways that I need to. 

Connecting with Angels and Healing 

You can learn to communicate clearly with your angels. When you know that you can connect consciously with your spiritual helpers this is a tremendous healing in itself. Learn more at the next class on Communicating with Angels. LEARN MORE 

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