What Happens After You Die? 

“What happens after you die?” That’s a question that most people, when they are being honest with themselves, have probably asked. Whether you have an answer, or may be unsure, the fact that you are taking time to explore this important question is an indication of sincerity and desire for answers. 

Some people don’t look for the answer to this question until they are at, or near to making the transition from the physical world. At that point it can be difficult to find clear answers with worry, stress and sometimes illness. This can cut us off from connecting within, and with our innate wisdom. 

When people have a deeper understanding of the natural process of returning to their true home, it can make a fundamental difference in how they live today and in their transition from the physical world. Click for more about the Real You or Soul. This awareness dispels doubts and fears that limit them from their dreams and desires, and helps people feel good about where they are at now.  

You Are Spirit. 

You Come From Spirit. 

You Return To Spirit

Answer To "What Happens After You Die?"

The Real You or soul feeds energy into your physical body through what’s known as the the silver cord. The soul (halo above the stickman) and connection to the body is shown in this diagram to the right.      

When you die, you sever the silver cord, and the human body no longer has this life force. Being made up of the elements of the physical world, the body “returns to the earth”. The Real You, or soul, is no longer limited by gravity. You can leave planet earth and return home to the Universe, Cosmos, God, the All—you choose the word that’s right for you. Some religions refer to this home as heaven.  

If you are too caught in the physical world, you can continue to think about the things or people here and become what’s known as an “earthbound soul”. Instead of returning home, you are still drawn to this world, and you remain close to the earth plane, though you are in the world of spirit.

The illustration at the top of this page shows some of the characteristics and thinking that can keep souls caught in life on earth, rather than a clearer state of consciousness in the universe.

Theory or Experience

The answer to the question “What happens after you die?” is only theory unless you have experience to back it up. How can you have an experience for what happens after you die while you still have a physical body?

One way is to experience yourself beyond the boundaries of the physical world. It is taking the time to realize you are a sensitive being and noticing energies that influence you. What do we mean by “energies that influence you”?

I’ve provided an example in the right column on this page of one experience I had when I noted strong energy in my environment and I understood what it was. Since that time, I sense the energy often that is in my environment or with people that I get certain feelings from.   

Maybe you can relate to what I share in the story on the right side of the page. You may have experiences of your own where you notice how you are affected by particular environments you are in, or by certain people. 

Experiencing People Passing On

Sometimes, in my lectures, my audience will have questions about relatives or friends who died. Many attendees say they have had feelings of loved ones and close friends still being around them after they passed on. 

This sensation is normal: we can draw around us those with whom we have an affinity or closeness. This can happen until we have a bigger picture of our existence as a soul with a body and understand how we help ourselves and other souls who have transitioned. 

Experiencing Outside Energy or Influences   

As you take time to notice what is going on with your experiences, you will understand how people who pass on can still be around and influence you. You will have a feeling for "What happens after people die?"

Can you think of a time when you were agitated and you kept thinking about the situation. Did you become more upset? When you dwell on something you attract more of it.  Earthbound souls are drawn to a similar agitation or upset.

On the other hand, can you recall a time where you had a challenging situation, but you took the high road. You may have looked for a solution and toke action to help out in that situation. Did that work out better for you? Did it feel better?

“What happens after you die?”

It’s important to clarify this area of life from your own experience and wisdom vs. some one else’s beliefs. This way you will truly be secure and free from the fear of the unknown. You can live your life to the fullest and gain the most while on planet earth. 

Passing on is like going through a doorway that goes from the physical world to the spiritual. You leave your body behind and you take your state of consciousness with you. The outside world often puts great emphasis on having material possessions, but those possessions are part of this world.

You can enjoy the physical world while you are here, but your investment in the Real You, or your state of consciousness, is what matters. Your state of consciousness, your awareness and wisdom, are what you take with you when you transition back to the world of spirit.

Whatever your state of consciousness when you pass through this doorway is where you go in the world of spirit. Like attracts like. If a person does not have a clear understanding of his or her life beyond the physical world, he or she may remain around the earth, as we discussed. 

If you are more aware of your true self as a soul or spiritual being, you can return home.  If you learned what you needed to learn, you “graduate” from the earth plane. If you still have lessons to learn, you can regroup your life and reincarnate to evolve further.  

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Influenced By Outside Energies  -Patrick Kilhenny            

I was involved, unfortunately, in a lawsuit over a lease for a business I once owned. Both sides arrived at court and met in the hall outside the courtroom. 

I had been pretty calm until I walked into this hallway. Suddenly I felt belligerent and angry. Fortunately, I decided not to say much, or try to settle. I just stated my points forcefully and the other side did the same and we ended the short meeting. We were ready to get into it at the hearing, but the judge delayed the case. 

Later that week we had another meeting away from the courthous, in a neutral boardroom that felt better. Again, I started out relaxed and I was able to stay that way. What a difference!  

We each got beyond our own positions and discussed how the matter arose and had gotten to a point of being costly and time consuming. We agreeably settled. 

As you can see, and probably have experienced, we are sensitive beings who can be influenced by the energy in the environment we you are in, or by other people. In this case it felt like  it was the energy in the hallway outside the courtroom.

I learned from that to be sure that I was doing well personally, and in relaxed environments that felt better whenever possible. 

When I am in a place of negativity, it’s best to avoid making key decisions. The hallway outside the courtroom was a place of much confrontation and I could feel that energy.