What is an Angel?

Who to Believe?

Different opinions can often be found on the question "What is an Angel?" How do you know which one to believe? First, let's answer this question, then we will look at how you can know what’s true for you. This includes an exercise to consciously communicate with your angels.

Most importantly, we will look at how angels can be helpful to yourself and others. Discover how to make this practical in your daily life instead of just a theory.

What Is An Angel?

An angel is a master soul that helps an individual and provides assistance, support and comfort. 

Angels help us by: 

  • Giving suggestions& solutions to questions and challenges 
  • Working through other people who can help you
  • Protecting you from outer pressure and confusion
  • Keeping you out of harm’s way with gentle warnings
  • Sending you energy to help you heal
  • Providing comfort, love, and encouragement
  • Guiding and inspiring with insights or sudden flashes of intuition
  • Giving you a bigger picture of what life is about, where you came from, and what your purpose is

Angels help you to the degree you help yourself and others (where is it best to assist others).  If you do not want help from the angels, they will not interfere with your free will. 

Your Personal Team

We will focus here on the angels that are your personal team. Once you know your angels, and how to communicate with them, you will have a better sense for yourself of What is an Angel.

Every person has a team of angels. They come with a person when they are born. You may have noticed how children can sometimes have conversations with imaginary playmates. Often, these are angels. 

Some people have one, two, or more angels on their team. People have just the number of angels they need. Each angel helps a person in a certain way. The angels are a part of this team based on the person’s life purpose and the particular skills needed to accomplish that purpose.

People often don't realize the resources and divine help that is available to them. Once a person opens up their own inner connection, they will know who is assisting them. No matter what you call it, you have help, and you don’t go through life alone!

"All God's angels come to us disguised."-- James Russell Lowell

Angels can help guide people through their life. They even assist when a person passes on from the physical world. Angels have a bigger picture of our life journey and unique purpose.

Ahigher souls, angels respect our free will. They will not interfere. They help people to the degree that they want to be helped. The more we help ourselves, the more our angels will help us.

Angels have been known by many terms. Some refer to them as Spirit Guides, Master Souls, Archetypes, the Holy Ghost, or by other names. What’s most important is not what people call them, but being connected and learning to communicate with them.

What is an Angel? Let's go deeper into this and how you can use this in your daily life.

Knowing for Yourself

How do you know what is really the truth about angels? How do you even know they are real or what to believe? If angels are real, can you consciously communicate with them?

The key is having your own feeling and the facts from your feelings and experiences. The more you open up your inner communication, the more you will know what is really going on in your life and the world around you.

You will know this for yourself. You will have a clear connection with your own team of angels. As you do this, you are free. You will be connected with the best source for insights and assistance.    

When you open your inner communication you will have your sense of what is an angel. You will be connected consciously with your angels.

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Some people have had experiences with their angels and they know there are angels helping them. They may even be communicating consciously with their angels. Others may not be sure.

Because you consciously experience the physical world each day, you may think that the physical world is all there is to your existence. That is, however, until you take time to "tune in" and open a connection to your inner being and the world of spirit. The more you do this the more you will know for yourself What is an Angel.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

-- Albert Einstein

Connecting with Angels 

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Messages From Angels Exercise

If you can take time and relax yourself, here is an exercise that you can do to receive insights from your angels. Messages From Angels Exercise

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