What is an Angel?

Who to Believe?

There are different opinions on what is an angel. How do you know which one to believe? First, let’s answer this question, then we will look at how you can know what’s true for you. This includes an exercise to consciously communicate with your angels.

Most importantly, we will look at how angels can be helpful to yourself and others. Discover how to make this practical in your daily life instead of just a theory.

What Is An Angel?

An Angel is a master soul that helps an individual and provides assistance, support and comfort. Here are some examples of how they can help:

  • Give suggestions and solutions to questions and challenges you face
  • Work through other people who can help you
  • Protect you from outer pressure and confusion
  • Keep you out of harm’s way with gentle warnings to avoid situations or certain people
  • Send you energy to help you heal
  • Provide comfort, love, and encouragement
  • Guide and inspire with insights or sudden flashes of intuition
  • Give you a bigger picture of what life is about, where you came from, and what your purpose is

We will focus here on the angels that are your personal team. Once you get to know your angels, and how to connect with them, you will have a better sense for yourself of What is an Angel.

Every person has a team of angels. They come with a person when they are born. You may have noticed how children can sometimes have conversations with imaginary playmates. These can often times be angels.

Some people have one, two, or more angels on their team. People have just the number of angels they need. Each angel helps a person in a certain way. The angels are also a part of this team based on the person’s life purpose and the particular skills needed to accomplish that purpose.

People often don't realize the resources and divine help that is available to them. Once a person opens up their own inner connection, they will know who is helping them. No matter what you call it, you have help, and you don’t go through life alone!

"All God's angels come to us disguised." James Russell Lowell

Angels guide people through their life, even when a person passes on from the physical world. The angels have a bigger picture of our life journey and our unique life purpose.

As higher souls, angels respect free will. They will not interfere. They help people to the degree that they want to be helped. The more we help ourselves, the more our angels will help us.

Angels have been known by many terms. Some refer to them as Spirit Guides, Master Souls, Archetypes, the Holy Ghost, or by other names. What’s most important is not what people call them, but being connected with them and learning to communicate with them.

That's just some information about What is an Angel, but let's go deeper into this and how you can use this in your daily life.

Knowing This for Yourself

How do you know what is really the truth about angels? How do you even know they are real or what to believe? If angels are real, can you consciously communicate with them?

The key is having your own feeling and the facts from your feelings and experiences. The more you open up your inner communication, the more you will know what is really going on.  You will know this for yourself.  You will have a clear connection with your own team of angels.  

As you open up your inner communication you will have your sense of what is an angel. You will be connected with your angels. There are webinars and community programs in various locations that delve into this. See below. 

Some people have had experiences with their angels and they know there are angels helping them. They may even be communicating consciously with their angels. Others may not be sure.

Because you consciously experience the physical world each day, you may think that the physical world is the only one. That is, however, until you take time to "tune in" and open up a connection to your inner being and the world of spirit. The more you do this the more you will know for yourself What is an Angel.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." Albert Einstein

Connecting with Angels 

Estelle Small, lecturer, consultant, and co-author of www.SpiritualGrowthKeys.com shares her experiences on connecting consciously with angels.

To see her story and the upcoming live webinars, online and community programs, click the following link:

Go To Angel Communication, Webinars and Related Topics 

For a private consultation to know your person team of angels and ask your own questions and receive answers from the angels, click this link: 

Directly Communicating with Angels 

Messages From Angels Exercise

If you can take time and relax yourself, here is an exercise that you can do to receive insights from your angels. Messages From Angels Exercise

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Knowing My Angels
by Patrick Kilhenny

When I first heard about angels they were referred to as inner guidance. This is what the person called them in the big picture lecture that I attended. The presenter said this was a clear source that I could tap into consciously and receive answers and help in my life.

Experience Was What I Needed

Although I was not sure about it, I had enough of a sense to give it a try. I had read books on Angels, Guides, and many related topics. But this was not just talking about it. It was actually talking to and hearing back from angels.

Could a person actually do this? I had been told that there were certain "gifted" people who could do so. I also had been taught that I was not such a worthy person. As you can see, I needed to overcome some limiting thinking. I also needed to practice these techniques to get used to connecting with my angels.

I did the practice technique sessions that were available. These are available On-Line or in certain communities. The leaders showed me different techniques including how to raise my energy to a higher level so I could be more connected with my inner guidance or angels.

Calling Them Inner Guidance, Angels or by Other Words

As I was able to communicate with them consciously, I began to know them as angels. I realized, however, that it did not matter so much what I called them. What was important was that I kept my attitude or energy high and took time to connect with them.

In those earlier days when I first heard this big picture lecture, I was an engineer and tended to be more of a thinker. The intellect was important to survive and do well on planet earth. I realized, however, that I had not taken as much time to tune in and use my inner feeling nature.

Through these feelings my angels communicated with me. The intellect could then understand the feeling, and how to use it in my life.

With out as much feeling, my intellect was operating more on what I had been trained from the outer world. Some of this was helpful, but other parts did not work well for me.

Increasing my feeling side however, meant I could tap into my true inner wisdom and my angels. It also meant connecting with my strengths and positive qualities that were a part of my inner being.

It was great to be more relaxed and buffered from the outer pressures and stress that cut me off from being tuned into my angels. I was able to get more of a feeling for the angels and a sense of what it was really all about for me by using these techniques.

More Feeling Than Intellect Some people in the practice series we did had a lot of feeling already, but were not as high in intellect. They were already tuning into their feelings and insights from their angels. Using these techniques they learned to bring up their thinking more, so they could understand these insights better and how to use them in their outer world.

Private Consultation - I also received an individual session with a trained and certified consultant. From listening to her and the feeling that I received, I knew she was clearly connected with her angels.

She told me about my own team of angels that were there to help me live my purpose. She also showed me how to communicate consciously with my angels by myself.

That was the best part so that I was not dependent on others for my answers. Once I practiced this and became confident, it felt truly liberating. These are available though certified angels consultants in certain locations as well as On-Line.

Passing It On

Now I take time each day to communicate with my angels. Over the last twenty years I have traveled to many places that my angels have suggested.

When I do this, I meet the people that I need to connect with. I find I am there and have affinity with themfor a reason. Often times they want to connect consciously with their own angels (or go deeper if they already are communicating with them). It is a great feeling to show others how they can do what I have learned.

Worldwide Network - See the About Us Page Besides myself, there are a number of other certified angel consultants in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. You can have this consultation On-Line or do it person to person (depending on location)

Knowing my angels and working closely with them is an incredible experience. I never would have believed it was possible when I came to the first lecture on the big picture and angels.

My angels help me avoid many of the pitfalls that I used to fall into. Overall my life is more rewarding by doing what I am here to do (with the help of my angels).

I often present the same lecture that I heard many years ago. I show others the tools that helped me to connect consciously with my inner guidance, angels, or again whatever you prefer to call them.

It’s great to see that anyone who wants to can connect consciously with their own angels. It is just a matter of deciding to do it and go for it. The more a person does this, the more their angels will help them clarify and live their purpose too.

Thanks for giving me a chance to share how I learned about my angels. Feel free to pass this on too.