What is Spirituality
Eight Keys

Connecting Humankind’s Beliefs

What is spirituality?  Below is a meaning and a chart that gives a bigger spirituality picture and breaks it into eight key areas. There is also a synopsis of these spirituality keys.

The more you have a feeling for these Eight Spirituality Keys, the more you know what is spirituality for yourself. It will be practical in your own life and not some outer philosophy.   

Truly understanding and using these keys will show you how to navigate your journey on planet earth and accomplish what you are here to do. Spirituality becomes a way of life. 

These eight keys are common denominators among many of the world’s religions and philosophies. Throughout history these often appear in the beliefs and practices of humankind. This is because they provide a foundation for human existence. You could even say these spiritual keys are the essence of our evolutionary journey.

These spirituality keys offer a bigger picture of what it’s all about and how you fit into the overall plan of the Universe, God, the All, or whatever words you may use.

The more open your inner communication, sensitivity, intuition, ESP (or whatever you call it), the more you will see how it all connects with you and can be used every day.

Beyond Words To True Inner Knowing

Because these Eight Keys are interwoven into many of the beliefs and customs of societies for so long, many have heard them before. They may even tend to dismiss them as something they already know.

What matters, however, is not just knowing, but using them. Each of these can be made practical and useful in daily life to clarify and do what you truly desire to be, and to accomplish. Then they have great value for you.

What Is Spirituality

Spirituality is:

  • being connected with your inner spirit, soul (the real you)
  • bringing this out in your everyday life.
  • practical and invigorating
  • knowing and living your inner dreams and desires.

Eight Spirituality Keys

Here is a summary of these keys. To delve more into what is spirituality, you can also attend a Spiritual Keys Webinar. The Spiritual Growth Keys home page on this website has a listing of the upcoming live webinars. 

Key #1

What is Spirituality: Your Spiritual Being

In the above figure the oval over the sick figure represents the Real You, your energy, life force or soul. The Real You is connected to your physical body through what is often called the Silver Cord. Your energy feeds into your body through this Silver Cord. 

You are not your physical body. It is a temporary vehicle that allows you to experience life on planet earth.  When a person is done learning their lessons or if they become confused and pass on early, they cut this silver cord and return to the Universe, God, or the All (whatever you call it). 

Science says we can not create or destroy energy. Religions tells us that we are eternal. Your view point may be more from the world of science, religion or both. The balanced person can look at life from either side.    

The key here is having a feeling for the Real You. The more you have your sense of who you are (not just intellectually), the more you can live as a soul with a body.

Otherwise, you may tend to be caught up in the physical world and not experience living as your true being.  

Many people have been trained to look more outside. Spirituality starts with you. The first key is to know your true soul nature and to live from here in your everyday life. 

In the free webinars available on here, you can feel your own energy. When you use you inner visionary sense, you can see a person's energy or the huaman aura around a person. 

KEY #2

Universe, Cosmos, God, the All

The many parts of the universe fit together and have a purpose. In our solar system the planets revolve around the sun as an energy source for physical life.

Our planet earth has an atmosphere, oceans and many types of plant and animal life. There is an interdependence and purpose to these pieces that fit into this bigger picture of the universe.  

Truly knowing what is spirituality is having your sense of the overall picture and how you fit. This broader perspective is not from the outer world, but from within you.

As you open up your inner communication, your see and understand this bigger picture. Your purpose becomes clear and you live it every day.

People call this inner communication by many different names such as inner wisdom, true intelligence, intuition or even extrasensory perception. It is not extra, but the common expereince of humankind.  

Key #3

Balancing Your Inner and Outer Worlds 

You have two natures, a thinking intellectual nature that is represented by the top half of the semi-circle (red). This is the part of you that analyzes and disects.  

You also have your feeling nature that is shown as the lower blue semi-circle. This is your inner being and has you your true sense of what you are all about and here to do. This has a feeling of your innate life plan, your wisdom and the good kind caring inner part that is the Real You.

The key here is to balance these two natures.  When you do this you:

  • Have a sense of what you are here to do (your life plan)
  • Know how to be practical in the outer world and bring out your own inner being.   
  • Have an inner connection with your clear inner sensitivity and inner guidance. You tap the answers, solutions, and inspiration that comes to you when you need it.
  • When you take a fall, you get back up quickly and learn from the situation.  
  • Feel your good kind positve being. 
  • Attract more of the good positve part in other people and better opportunities to be involved in. 

As you practice the techniques in the Online or the Community programs, you learn to balance your inner being with your outer world. Your personal, business and community involvements have great meaning. You know for yourself what is spirituality. 

Key #4

Everything is a Means to an End

Science, Religion and Society

Science comes from our intellectual nature. It helps us understand the world and find ways to be practical. People can use their intellectual nature  in a more beneficial way when they have this bigger picture of their inner being and what is spirituality.

Religion is from man's feeling nature.  Humans often want to have a feeling of being connected in a bigger picture sense with who they are and what they are doing. 

Society comes out of science and religion. This is shown as the crossed lines in the diagram above. These lines make what we call "tick-tacky" boxes.  These lines are the rules or guidelines of society that are written and some are unwritten (all the shoulds and should not's), that you are told or may have been implanted in your mind. 

As you have this bigger spirituality picture, you tune into what is really important and true for you. You know that the outer world is a means to an end and don’t become caught in these "ticky-tacky" boxes. You do not make things an end in themselves. You don't become lost in the outer world so you can relax, enjoy the journey and learn the lessons you are here to learn.

Key #5

Confusion and Limbo

As a balanced and clear soul, you sense from within. You know what is spirituality.  You blend together the inner you with your outer world. You are positive and solution oriented. You know what is really going on and what is best to do. What is spirituality becomes an everyday experience for you.

It's also important to understand and have effective ways to deal with the other side of life:

  • When there is confusion, you can loose this clear inner connection.
  • You are more influenced by outer pressure and negativity.
  • You are limited and can react in detrimental ways.
  • You can become stuck in life and unproductive or even harmful to yourself and others.

  • On-Line Sessions and Community programs show ways to buffer yourself from the outer confusion and negativity. There are practical techniques to feel good consistently and stay connected with your clear positive and solution oriented being. A Free Webinar will give you an understanding of this and what else is available. For information on these Live Webinars:  click here to return to SpiritualGrowthKeys.com Home Page from What is Spirituality. 

    Key #6 

    Inner Guidance, Spirit Guides, God, Angels

    Whatever you feel you are connected to as your source of inspiration, answers, and help, you know this for yourself. You can tap into clear two-way communication. Ask questions and receive answers whenever you need them. What a difference it makes when you do this.

    Key #7

    Four Spiritual Gifts of Communication

    Everyone has these innate communication senses of inner seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing. Open up these clear inner senses to connect with the Real You and your Inner Guidance, God, Angels, Higher Self, or whatever you feel you are connecting with. As you do this, you can tap into the answers whenever you need them.

    Spirituality - Practical Tools

    This is a brief summary of the Eight Keys To Spirituality.  You can  apply these keys to every day life. The more you do this, the more you have a clear sense of the Real You and live as the unique soul that you are.

    We hoped you enjoyed this information on what is spirituality. If you want to attend a live internet seminar that delves more deeply into these keys, click here to return to SpiritualGrowthKeys.com Home Page or you can receive tips and articles on practical spirituality by entering your contact info above.

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