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The Dynamics of Inner Guidance and Your Spiritual Thrust (Astro-Soul Course 784)

May 8 @ May 8 - May 8 EDT


Ready for deeper clarity about your life purpose and relationship with your angels? Do you desire additional insights into attracting the people and opportunities you are here to experience?

In this powerful course, you’ll:

  • Examine your unique “spiritual thrust” this lifetime.
  • Your spiritual thrust is the essence, unique to you, that you are here on earth to express, share and unfold. Your thrust is the spiritual contract you have with your angels to learn your lessons and evolve. It’s the natural way to attract the people and opportunities that are best for you.
  • Streamline your life as you expand your spiritual thrust and live more dynamically each day.
  • Refine a deeper communication with your inner guidance which will help you seek out pathways to your true life direction.
  • Realize the profound energy that is part of your life thrust and use this universal force for greater spiritual and material success.
  • Anticipate changes in your life by achieving a sense of purpose and honesty. You’ll tap a wellspring of energy and welcome change and growth.

Gain a practical understanding of your various talents, work endeavors, soul purpose/life thrust and being in your niche. Clarify these important areas of life for greater satisfaction and enjoyment.

This in-depth course takes place over three, 3-hour sessions on three consecutive weekends. You’ll have time to learn, practice and return to the course to regroup and go further.

When: Sat., May 8, 15, 22, 2021 at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST Duration: Three hours each Saturday

Where: Online via zoom video conference

In addition to the three parts of the course, we provide easy-to-practice ways to use what is covered between classes and after the program. Make the techniques and understandings a way of life and continue using what you learn for increased momentum.

Investment: $120 USD, $145 CAD  (Course Price)

pre-registration Price: $105 USD, $120 CAD – Pay by May 7, 2021 (end of day)

Ways To Pay For This Program:

You can make one payment or  3 payments over 3 weeks for this course. The first of three payments start the week before the first course and before each additional course. 

Click To Register – $105 US  until May 7, 2021 (end of day)

Click To Register – $120 CAD until May 7, 2021 (end of day)

Pay As You Go:

Click For Three Payments Registration – $37 US/week, each week for 3 weeks ($111 US total). You are charged the week before each class and you can cancel any time for any additional payments and classes.

Click For Three Payments Canadian Registration – $42 CAD/week each week for 3 weeks ($126 CAD total). You are charged the week before each class and you can cancel any time for any additional payments and classes.

Note, if not US or Canadian:  To register with other than US and Canada debit/credit cards: Use the “Click To Registration – $105 US”  link above. Credit card companies figure and charge the amount of the program in the currency of the credit card holder. Credit card companies usually include a foreign transaction fee for changing the currency. Contact us or your credit card issuer for more details. There are no foreign transaction fees for US or Canadian charges.   

Prerequisites: 1002A Blockage Discovery Consultation. Special package price available to receive the needed private consultations from certified consultants, such as Estelle Small, Patrick Kilhenny, or a wide variety of Wayshowers College consultants of your choosing. Contact us for more details.

Course recorded if you miss a session or want to review the program. This is an in-depth course so it’s optimum to attend live, but replays are available.

Estelle Small – Long-time spiritual journeyman, consultant and touring leader in U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Estelle Small has helped thousands of searchers transform their lives by connecting with their angels. She specializes in the “Inner Guidance and Life Thrust” consultation and many profiles and consultations from Wayshowers College.

Estelle is vice-president of Wayshowers Community Fellowship and a board member of Inner Peace Movement International.


Patrick Kilhenny, DD – a former nuclear engineer who has been active in the personal and spiritual development field for over 30 years and a leader with Wayshowers College and the related non-profit organizations.

Patrick is the President of Wayshowers Community Fellowship and is a spiritual consultant helping people clarify their life thrust and offers many profiles from Wayshowers College. He lectures and leads courses in the US, Canada and Europe and is the founder of


Sponsoring this program:

Note on registration – after you register you will receive the Zoom link to attend. When you decide and register, your angels know you have committed to working more deeply with them to live your Thrust. The class begins at the time you sign up and your angels work closely with you to gain the most from the program.

For additional information:
Call: 1 888 248-4843 US and Canada, 917 328-8950, +1 917 328-8950 (Worldwide)

Estelle Small:
Patrick Kilhenny:
FaceBook Page: GuardianAngelsConnection
Twitter: @TranquilAngel


May 8
May 8 EDT


FL United States


Estelle Small
Patrick Kilhenny