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Connect With Your Angels Complimentary Training

You are welcome to join us for a live, five-part series, "Connect With Your Angels Training",  Understand more about your angels and how to work consciously with them. Cut through myths about your spiritual guidance and focus on insightful information and practical techniques to be attuned to your guardian angels.   When you communicate clearly… Read More

The Dynamics of Inner Guidance and Your Spiritual Thrust (Astro-Soul Course 784)

Online FL, United States

Ready for deeper clarity about your life purpose and relationship with your angels? Do you desire additional insights into attracting the people and opportunities you are here to experience? In this powerful course, you’ll: Examine your unique “spiritual thrust” this lifetime. Your spiritual thrust is the essence, unique to you, that you are here on… Read More


Communicate with Our Angels / Spirit Guides Master Class: Overcoming Doubts or Thinking We’re Making It Up! (Two Times Available)

Online FL, United States

This complimentary Master Class focuses on connecting with our inner guidance and overcoming doubts that can cause us to be unsure about our inner communication within ourselves and with our angels. Uncertainty can keep us from taking the action needed to achieve our goals and inner desires and getting the most out of life.  … Read More

Communicate With Angels, Live Your Purpose – Five Part Series, On-Line

Online FL, United States

 Receive a Private Consultation from a certified consultant* to know your personal team of angels and have two-way communication with them. Clarify if you predominately hear, see, feel or receive an inner knowing from your spiritual helpers. Ask your own questions and receive answers directly from your angels. This private session is part of a special package… Read More


Three Most Important Keys To Fulfillment and Joy In Life: Six-Part Series

Online FL, United States

When we feel joy and inner fulfillment we are more closely aligned with angels, God, spirit guides—you can choose the words you prefer to use. After numerous programs and consultations with clients for over 25 years, Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny found three areas of life that are most important to unfold on our spiritual journey.… Read More

FaceBook Live: Angels And Questions We are Often Asked about them (Bring More Questions)

Online FL, United States

We recently held this Event, but you can view this event replay now by clicking the "Read More" button below and then click the blank space here: the GuardianAngelsConnection FB Page.  Also, feel free to comment and ask questions on this replay and we will answer. ABOUT THIS FB LIVE:  We all have angels who help us… Read More


Creating Your 2024 Vision Board Workshop for Deeper Fulfillment and Success

Online FL, United States

Sample vision board on a bulletin board Vision Boards: Inspiring tools for goals, dreams, targets Creating an annual Vision Board fires up your inspiration, enthusiasm and energy to accomplish your goals and aspirations for your year. To give your 2024 a boost, join us for your 2024 Vision Board workshop on Sunday, February 4, 2024.… Read More